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Sorcerian, the fifth installment in the Dragon Slayer series, is an action role-playing game that made its debut in 1987. Play Sorcerian online!

Developed by Nihon Falcom, Sorcerian took players on a journey into the heart of a fantasy land known as Pentawa.

In this realm, its inhabitants faced constant threats from menacing creatures lurking in the wilderness.

To protect their kingdom, the king of Pentawa called upon a party of brave adventurers. Their first mission: to retrieve a precious scepter guarded by the malevolent demon lord Ouks.

An Unconventional Blend of RPG and Action

Sorcerian is a unique blend of role-playing and action-based combat, offering a perspective reminiscent of platform games. Unlike many Japanese RPGs of its time, Sorcerian leans more towards character development than intricate storytelling.

Players begin by creating a party of four characters, choosing from races like fighter, wizard, elf, and dwarf, without the traditional distinctions between races and classes.

Exploring the Enchanting Towns

Pentawa’s towns provide a wealth of activities beyond the usual inns and shops. Here, adventurers can delve into the intricate development of magical spells, mastering up to 120 spells of various disciplines. Characters can engage in training to enhance personal skills such as strength and intelligence.

Enchanting weapons with elemental magic is another avenue for empowerment. Additionally, characters can seek part-time jobs to further their adventures.

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Side-Scrolling Adventures and Real-Time Combat

When your party ventures into hostile territories, the game seamlessly shifts to a side-scrolling perspective.

Combat unfolds in real-time, with you controlling the entire party at once. You have the flexibility to change the lead character at any moment, and actions will be executed by the character in the front. Whether it’s unleashing melee attacks or casting spells, Sorcerian grants you the power to control the flow of battle.

Characters can also jump and interact with objects by simply bumping into them. Dungeons in the game often resemble intricate mazes, some even concealing puzzles like hidden switches to unlock doors.

The Ageing System and Expansion Packs

Sorcerian introduces an intriguing feature – the ageing system. Each character starts with a default age of 16, and as you embark on new scenarios, time passes by. The characters’ races determine their ageing rates, with humans reaching old age at 60, dwarves at 100, and elves at 200.

Upon reaching old age, characters face the risk of permanent death at random intervals. The “Advance Time” feature allows you to accelerate time flow, adding a layer of strategy to character management.

Sorcerian’s episodic format extends across various expansion packs, each bringing a new dimension to the game.

Besides the initial fifteen scenarios included with the game, additional scenario packs were released to challenge players and enhance the ageing system’s significance.

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Play Sorcerian Online

Play Sorcerian online in a web browser and begin your Sorcerian adventure today!

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What is the main objective of Sorcerian?

Your primary goal is to complete various scenarios, battle enemies, and accomplish tasks within those scenarios. Your party of adventurers seeks to protect the kingdom of Pentawa from menacing creatures and retrieve valuable artifacts.

Can characters die of old age in Sorcerian?

Yes, characters can reach old age, and there’s a risk of permanent death at random intervals once they become elderly. The ageing system adds a unique layer of challenge to character management.

Are there expansion packs available for Sorcerian?

Yes, the game offers expansion packs that introduce new scenarios and gameplay elements. These expansions enhance the gaming experience and provide fresh challenges.

What sets Sorcerian apart from other RPGs of its time?

Sorcerian distinguishes itself with its side-scrolling perspective, action-based combat, and a strong emphasis on character development. While it offers a unique blend of RPG and action, it focuses less on intricate storytelling.