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Spellcrossp uts you in command of an extensive array of modern-day sounding troops, needing to play battle after battle against the merciless hordes of fantastical creatures (orcs, elves, skeletons, etc.) in an attempt to save the world!

Spellcross: The Last Battle is a turn-based strategy game that takes you on an extraordinary journey. Developed by Slovak company Cauldron HQ and published by Sales Curve Interactive in 1997/1998, this game invites you to lead a contemporary Earth military against an otherworldly invasion of orcs, undead, harpies, and a plethora of fantastical creatures.

Spellcross: A Hidden Gem in Strategy Gaming

Spellcross is a hidden treasure in the realm of turn-based fantasy and sci-fi strategy games. It beckons both fans of Warhammer 40K: Final Liberation and Emperor of the Fading Suns to embark on an unforgettable adventure.

It’s a game that deserved more recognition than it received.

“Unleash your strategic brilliance and tactical prowess to save the world.”

Meet John Alexander: Your Post-Apocalyptic Commander

In this unique strategy game, you assume the role of John Alexander, a post-apocalyptic commander entrusted with the monumental task of saving the world. The game offers a dynamic experience with two distinct levels: the strategic and tactical phases.

The Strategic Phase: Command Your Forces

In the strategic phase, you take charge of a military campaign led by Earth’s surviving forces. Your objective is to conquer sectors on a map, inching closer to the ultimate showdown with the forces of darkness.

Each sector you capture provides valuable resource points, which you must allocate wisely. Your decisions determine the fate of your campaign, from directing research efforts to organizing your army and managing resources.

A noteworthy feature of Spellcross is the unpredictability of your adversaries. The enemy forces are not passive; they actively seek to conquer territory, adding an element of strategic depth. You may find yourself engaged in battles when you least expect it, requiring adaptability and quick thinking.

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The Tactical Phase: Battle Against Darkness

The heart-pounding tactical phase is where the actual battles unfold. In this phase, you deploy your military units to face the relentless hordes of fantastical creatures, including orcs, elves, skeletons, and more. Each encounter presents a unique challenge, testing your tactical acumen.

Lead your forces against relentless foes, conquer territories, and become the savior of Earth.

Your units are endowed with action points that you must allocate wisely between movement, attacks, and special actions. The decisions you make in the heat of battle can determine victory or defeat.

The Power of Research and Customization

Similar to the XCOM series, Spellcross incorporates a research mechanic that allows you to study your enemies. This knowledge unlocks new equipment and vital plot information. Moreover, the game introduces an exciting twist by enabling you to modify existing units, enhancing their weapons and armor or transforming them into entirely new units.

This customization adds a personal touch to your army, making it uniquely yours.

Resource Management and Constant Progression

Resource management is a crucial aspect of Spellcross. As you conquer new sectors, you gather valuable resources. However, these resources are finite and diminish over time. This dynamic necessitates strategic planning, forcing you to allocate resources wisely to secure victory.

Conclusion: A Forgotten Masterpiece

Spellcross, often overshadowed by its peers, shines as a remarkable turn-based sci-fi and fantasy strategy game. With its depth, complexity, and intelligent AI, it outpaces titles like Deadlock 2, Fallen Haven, and Final Liberation.

While a few design quirks exist, including movement and save game implementation, Spellcross’s brilliance deserves recognition.

Play Spellcross Online

Now you can play Spellcross onlime, in a web browser!

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What sets Spellcross apart from other strategy games?

Spellcross offers a unique blend of post-apocalyptic and fantasy elements, creating an engaging turn-based strategy experience.

Who is the player character in Spellcross?

Players assume the role of John Alexander, a post-apocalyptic commander tasked with leading Earth’s military forces against the forces of darkness.

How does resource management work in Spellcross?

Resources are vital for research, unit acquisition, and upgrades. Players must carefully allocate resources gathered from conquered sectors to ensure a successful campaign.

What distinguishes Spellcross's customization system?

Spellcross allows players to modify existing units, enhancing their equipment and capabilities, adding a personal touch to their army.