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SSX Tricky on Game Boy Advance delivers a visually stunning, 3D snowboarding marvel with 12 riders, 8 courses, and 50+ tricks, ensuring an exhilarating portable experience

Savor the exhilarating experience of SSX Tricky on the Game Boy Advance, a marvel boasting 12 riders, eight courses, and over 50 tricks from the PlayStation 2 version. Delve into the game’s impressive graphical presentation, setting a new standard for GBA snowboarding.

Graphics and Gameplay Fusion

Witness the groundbreaking use of a polygon engine, delivering a fully three-dimensional course, enhancing the gameplay with real-time landscape transitions. Despite minor flaws like two-dimensional CPU riders, the graphical excellence outshines, providing a captivating visual journey.

Console Familiarity on GBA

Experience gameplay akin to powerful consoles, mastering speed adjustments, jumps, grabs, and grinds. Engage in three main events—race, showoff, and time challenge—unleashing your snowboarding prowess in both individual courses and a competitive world circuit mode.

SSX Tricky (GBA gallery 04)

Maximizing Boost and Points

Immerse yourself in the true essence of SSX Tricky by continuously executing complex trick combinations to maximize your boost meter. Unlock ubertricks by completing the “tricky” word, leading to outlandish super ubertricks. Revel in the sheer impossibility of executing these tricks with finesse.

Course Variety and Exploration

Embark on the thrilling journey across eight courses, each offering a unique blend of challenges. While some courses may feel straightforward, the later runs introduce turbo strips and jump pads, injecting excitement and freedom into your snowboarding escapades.

A Sonic Adventure

Immerse yourself in the eclectic soundtrack featuring techno beats and hip-hop samples, reminiscent of the console version. Despite occasional distortions, the ambitious music tracks contribute to the overall immersive experience. Sound effects, including boarding, landings, and spills, complement the gameplay seamlessly.

Charm in Imperfections

Embrace the imperfections as part of SSX Tricky’s charm. The visual and auditory nuances may exist, but the overall enjoyment surpasses these minor issues. Navigate the learning curve, unlock advanced stages, and transform into a snowboarding superhero with a little effort.

Unleash Your Inner Snowboarding Superhero

Despite its modest appearance compared to the PS2 version, SSX Tricky on the Game Boy Advance offers an identical feel. Immerse yourself in the thrill of snowboarding, conquer the learning curve, and revel in the exhilarating experience of becoming a superhero on a snowboard.

SSX Tricky: Where Snowboarding Dreams Take Flight!


SSX Tricky on GBA transcends visual disparities, offering an exhilarating snowboarding adventure. Embrace the imperfections, unleash your tricks, and become a snowboarding superhero in this timeless classic.

SSX Tricky (GBA gallery 01)

Play SSX Tricky Online Anywhere, Anytime

Experience the joy of SSX Tricky not only on consoles but also on the go. Whether on your computer, tablet, or mobile device, this game offers seamless accessibility, ensuring you never miss a moment of snowboarding excitement.

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Is SSX Tricky on GBA comparable to the console version?

Absolutely! While visual differences exist, the gameplay experience on GBA remains identical to the console version.

How can I maximize my boost meter in SSX Tricky?

Performing complex trick combinations builds your boost meter. Unlock ubertricks by spelling tricky to unleash super ubertricks and maintain a maximum boost.

Are there differences in gameplay between individual courses and world circuit mode?

Individual courses allow you to focus on specific events, while the world circuit mode offers a competitive, multi-course experience, adding variety to your gameplay.

What sets SSX Tricky apart in the snowboarding genre?

SSX Tricky stands out with its groundbreaking 3D presentation, diverse trick mechanics, and an engaging boost system, providing a unique and thrilling snowboarding experience.

Can I enjoy SSX Tricky on different platforms?

Absolutely! Whether you prefer playing on a console, computer, tablet, or mobile device, SSX Tricky ensures a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience across various platforms.