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Welcome to the universe of Stars!, a multiplayer strategic masterpiece that offers an adventure through the cosmos.

In Stars!, your ultimate objective is nothing short of universal conquest. However, the journey to supremacy is filled with twists and turns, with several victory goals to pursue.

A Universe of Complexity, A Simple Interface

While the game presents a universe brimming with complexity, it greets players with a refreshingly straightforward interface. The game elegantly operates within a window, ensuring that every facet of your burgeoning empire or formidable war machine is at your fingertips.

Navigating this intricate cosmos is a breeze, thanks to intuitive menus and convenient shortcut keys.

Crafting the Cosmos

Universes are not static but are dynamically generated in one of four sizes. What sets this game apart is the ability to engage with up to 15 other players, whether they are controlled by AI or fellow human commanders.

The option for play-by-email (PBEM) adds an exciting dimension to the gameplay, allowing for strategic encounters beyond the boundaries of time and space.

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Stars! codes

  7. GVZC2FZ5
  10. HB5JYSQH
  11. IFNKZG2R
  12. JU9VWLDF
  13. SEOMBS8E
  14. STDAG49L
  15. SU0ODX1T
  16. WBXU2GIX
  17. WCES1YRZ
  18. WV1EFJKF
  19. WV53517J
  20. WV9NBSGY
  21. WX8Z8HLP

Complexity Unveiled

Stars! distinguishes itself from other galactic conquest titles by seamlessly blending complexity with accessibility. As you progress, the game’s intricacy deepens, yet it avoids drowning players in burdensome micromanagement.

It’s not uncommon for epic battles, featuring hundreds of ships or more, to unfold later in the game. Remarkably, the user interface remains incredibly intuitive, enabling efficient fleet management.

One standout feature is the ship design interface, reminiscent of the classic Master of Orion. Here, players can create custom ships by selecting various components.

The game amplifies this concept by introducing an array of components and a multitude of technologies that can enhance each aspect of your galactic arsenal.

Multiplayer Majesty

While the AI offers a competent challenge, the game truly shines in multiplayer mode, where you can engage in cerebral battles against human adversaries.

The allure of “just one more turn” beckons, as Stars! seamlessly combines top-notch user interface design with addictive gameplay.

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Hall of Belated Fame

The game stands as one of the best and most underrated 4X strategy games ever created. It has earned its place in the Hall of Belated Fame, a testament to its enduring appeal.

The game’s developers, Mare Crisium, continue to provide dedicated support for this stellar adventure.

Chart your course, conquer the cosmos, and become a legend among the stars!

Playing Stars! Online

Now you can play Stars! online, in a web browser!


In the ever-expanding galaxy of gaming, this game remains a shining gem. Its blend of complexity and accessibility, multiplayer majesty, and enduring appeal make it a classic.

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How many players can participate in Stars! multiplayer mode?

The game offers the exciting possibility of engaging with up to 15 players, whether they are AI or human-controlled.

What sets Stars! apart from other strategy games?

The game combines complexity with a user-friendly interface, offering a deep and engaging experience without overwhelming micromanagement.

Are there any expansions or sequels to Stars!?

While the sequel, Supernova Genesis, was in development, it appears to have been canceled. However, the original Stars! continues to captivate players with its timeless appeal.