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Stone Age is a challenging puzzle game where players guide a dinosaur through various obstacles to reach the cave exit, offering 100 levels of addictive gameplay and strategic thinking.

Step into the prehistoric era with Stone Age, a captivating puzzle game released in 1992 by Eclipse Software Design.

Available on platforms like Amiga, Atari ST, C64, and PC (DOS), the game challenges players with guiding a dinosaur through intricate levels filled with obstacles, strategic maneuvers, and mind-bending puzzles.

Gameplay and Objectives

In Stone Age, players take control of a determined dinosaur and must skillfully navigate it to the exit of each cave.

However, the path is far from straightforward. The dinosaur can only traverse specific blocks within the level. Some blocks are static, some are movable in the direction indicated by an arrow, and others crumble after being walked upon.

To make matters more complex, there are colored keys that correspond to locks of the same color, requiring the player to collect and use them to progress.

Challenging Difficulty Modes

The game offers two difficulty modes, each with distinct time limits for completing the levels. Running out of time results in the loss of a life, adding an element of urgency to the gameplay. Despite the challenges, the game cleverly preserves your progress through a code system, allowing you to resume your journey at a later time. However, any accumulated score is forfeited upon quitting.

Diverse Levels and Features

Stone Age boasts a visually simple and cartoonish design, complemented by a diverse array of level scenarios. With a total of 100 levels to conquer, players receive a password after completing each level, granting them access to the same stage in subsequent sessions.

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Additionally, the game features a Jukebox, letting players customize the soundtrack by selecting and arranging tracks much like a playlist.

Did you know that Stone Age draws inspiration from the Sokoban genre while adding a unique twist with its diverse array of obstacles and traps? This captivating puzzle game offers players a distinctive and engaging experience that keeps them coming back for more.

A Puzzle Enthusiast’s Delight

Fans of brain-teasing puzzles and strategic thinking will find Stone Age a delight. The game’s mechanics draw parallels to classics like Sokoban, but with added complexity stemming from a wide array of obstacles and traps.

The challenges become progressively demanding as players advance through the levels, ensuring hours of immersive and engaging gameplay.

Puzzle Stone Age Online

You can experience the captivating challenge of Stone Age right here on our website, free of charge. Play Stone Age online!

Embark on a prehistoric journey, guiding the dinosaur through intricate puzzles and obstacles in its quest to reach the cave exit.

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On which platforms was Stone Age released?

The game was initially released for Amiga, Atari ST, C64, and PC (DOS).

How does the gameplay of Stone Age work?

Players control a dinosaur and must navigate it through levels by stepping on specific blocks, collecting keys, and avoiding obstacles.

Are there different difficulty modes in the game?

Yes, Stone Age offers two difficulty modes with varying time limits for completing levels.

How does the code system work for level progress?

After completing each level, players receive a password that allows them to continue from that point in subsequent sessions.

Can I play Stone Age online?

Yes, you can enjoy the intriguing challenges of Stone Age directly on our website, immersing yourself in its engaging prehistoric puzzles.