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Strip Poker de Luxe is a single-player card game in which the player takes on one of three different AI characters. It plays entirely in Spanish.


Dive into the world of Strip Poker Deluxe (Strip Poker De Luxe), a poker simulation that made waves in the early ’90s. From its graphically superior design to the sultry gameplay, this game offered a unique twist to the classic card game.

The Early 90s Poker Lineup

Strip Poker Fever Begins

In the early ’90s, strip poker games gained popularity for their titillating content and simple gameplay.

Among them, Strip Poker Deluxe stood out, offering not only marginally better graphics but also a more sophisticated simulation.

The Game’s Allure

Choose your opponent, bet your cards, and witness the progressive unveiling of the digital beauties. Strip Poker Deluxe’s appeal lies in its simplicity, providing a relaxing yet tantalizing gaming experience.

The game’s digital photos of the models received praise, creating an immersive atmosphere for players.

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A Decent Poker Game: Evolution of Strip Poker Deluxe

Addressing Flaws

Strip Poker Deluxe, part of the renowned Strip Poker game series, took the flaws of its predecessors head-on. Graphical improvements fixed previous issues, elevating the overall gaming experience.

Players found joy in the game’s enhanced graphics and more straightforward controls.

The Stakes of the Game

As a strip poker game enthusiast, the stakes are set not in monetary value but in the removal of clothing. The game introduces three opponents—Nadia, Paula, and Katty—each with a unique personality and playing style.

The strategic element combined with the enticing reward of progressively revealed images adds layers to the gameplay.

Gameplay Dynamics

The basic five-card draw poker unfolds as both the player and AI opponents start with an equal amount of cash. Short descriptions accompany the AI characters, adding depth to the gaming experience.

The mouse becomes the sole tool for navigating the game, ensuring a user-friendly interface.

The Opponents

Nadia: The Charismatic Challenger

Nadia, a business student, exudes charisma and unpredictability.

Her descriptions paint a picture of a daring and systematically effective poker player, making her a formidable opponent.

Paula: The Positive Energy Radiator

Paula, a sensual young woman, spreads positive energy.

Her ability to deceive opponents adds an intriguing twist to the game, making her a challenging adversary.

Katty: The Deceptive Maestro

Katty’s great ability to deceive opponents positions her as a practically perfect poker player.

Her cunning strategies make every hand a thrilling encounter.

The Poker Showdown

The Finer Details

The game incorporates a save/load function, optional music, and an engaging comment system from the opponents after each hand.

While lacking voice and sound effects, Strip Poker Deluxe focuses on delivering a visually captivating and strategically rich poker experience.

Play Strip Poker Deluxe Online

Web and Mobile Gaming

Play Strip Poker Deluxe online not only on your desktop but also on your mobile and tablet devices. Engage in a game of strategic poker with enticing rewards at Freebie Games nd redefine your poker experience.


Strip Poker Deluxe is a timeless classic. Its combination of improved graphics, engaging gameplay, and a tantalizing reward system sets it apart.

So overall, if you wish to play a different game of poker then Strip Poker Deluxe is for you.

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What sets Strip Poker Deluxe apart from other strip poker games?

Strip Poker Deluxe stands out due to its superior graphics, engaging simulation, and strategically rich gameplay, setting a new standard in the genre.

How many opponents are there in Strip Poker Deluxe, and what makes each unique?

The game features three opponents: Nadia, Paula, and Katty. Each has a distinct personality, playing style, and progressive image reveals, adding depth to the gaming experience.

What is the primary focus of Strip Poker Deluxe: graphics or gameplay?

Strip Poker Deluxe strikes a balance between improved graphics and enhanced gameplay, offering players a visually appealing and strategically immersive poker experience.

Are there sound effects in Strip Poker Deluxe?

While the game lacks voice and sound effects, it prioritizes an engaging comment system, visually captivating graphics, and strategically rich gameplay.