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Stuntman on Game Boy Advance delivers heart-pounding, cinematic driving challenges, seamlessly blending graphics and gameplay for a thrilling handheld experience that transcends traditional racing games

Stuntman, a daring venture by Atari’s development team Velez & Dubail, catapults the Game Boy Advance into the realm of high-octane, cinematic driving challenges. This unique title not only showcases the prowess of the developers but also pushes the hardware limits of the GBA, offering gamers an exhilarating and distinctive experience.

Evolution of Expertise

Velez & Dubail, recognized for their proficiency in Game Boy racing design, seamlessly transitioned their skills to the Game Boy Advance platform. Following the success of their previous creation, V-Rally 3, the team embarked on a new challenge – bringing the intense world of stunt driving to handheld gaming.

Movie Magic Unleashed

Stuntman on the Game Boy Advance mirrors its PlayStation 2 counterpart, immersing players into the thrilling role of a stuntman. The gameplay revolves around executing a series of driving challenges set by a film director. The tasks range from high-speed driving to performing specific maneuvers within tight timeframes, delivering an adrenaline-pumping experience.

The Stuntman Challenge

In the spirit of stunt driving, players are presented with a series of timed challenges, each requiring precision, speed, and mastery of specific tasks. From crashing into designated objects to executing handbrake turns and launching off jumps, the challenges push players to the limit. The objective is not just to complete the stunts but to do so flawlessly, maximizing earnings and minimizing mistakes.

Stuntman (GBA gallery 03)

Visual Delights and Technical Compromises

Stuntman on the GBA boasts a remarkable 3D engine, seamlessly blending texture-mapped polygons and sprite-based objects. Despite occasional glitches, the visual presentation surpasses the team’s prior achievement in V-Rally 3. However, it is essential to acknowledge the compromises made to accommodate the hardware limitations of the GBA, including objects occasionally showing through foreground polygons.

Capturing the Movie-Making Ambiance

While the movie-making theme is faithfully recreated, the handheld rendition lacks some of the cinematic elements present in its PS2 counterpart. Due to technical constraints, the GBA version couldn’t incorporate actual filming and full-motion video, impacting the immersive experience. However, the essence of being part of a film production is evident through the film’s title cards bookending each level.

Beyond Movie-Making: Arena Contests

Stuntman offers more than just movie-making challenges. The game introduces original Arena contests that diversify the gaming experience. Precision Tests demand strategic driving through gates, slaloming around posts, launching off jumps, and parking within specific zones.

Jump Tests require players to collect airborne letters within a set time, adding an extra layer of excitement. These challenges can also be enjoyed in two-player mode, where both players compete to collect the most letters before time runs out.


Velez & Dubail have successfully delivered another standout title for the GBA with Stuntman. By focusing on driving technique rather than traditional racing, they present a refreshing alternative in the handheld gaming landscape. Despite minor limitations, the game offers a unique and enjoyable experience for players seeking something beyond conventional racing games.

Stuntman (GBA gallery 01)


Stuntman on the Game Boy Advance delivers a distinctive and enjoyable experience, combining challenging stunt scenarios, cinematic vibes, and additional Arena contests. Whether you’re on the move with your handheld device or enjoying the game at home, get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Embark on a thrilling stunt journey with Stuntman – where every challenge is a scene, and you’re the star!

Play Anywhere, Anytime

Experience the adrenaline of Stuntman on the go! Play on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet, and master the art of stunt driving wherever you are.

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Can I play Stuntman on multiple devices?

Yes, Stuntman is available for play on your computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

Are there multiplayer options?

Engage in two-player mode for Jump Tests, competing to collect the most letters before time runs out.

How does the game capture the movie-making experience?

While lacking cinematic elements like full-motion video, the game faithfully recreates the movie-making ambiance through challenging stunt scenarios.

What challenges are offered beyond movie-making?

Stuntman introduces Precision Tests, requiring strategic driving, and Jump Tests where players collect airborne letters within a set time.

How does Stuntman compare to the PS2 version?

While not as versatile, the GBA version avoids the lengthy load times experienced by PS2 gamers.