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Experience high-speed racing and daring stunts in Stunts (4D Sports Driving), a 3D racing game where you create and conquer wild tracks, published by Broderbund in 1990.

Stunts, also known as 4D Sports Driving, is a 3D racing video game developed by Distinctive Software and published by Broderbund in 1990. It takes inspiration from the arcade game Hard Drivin’ and features a unique focus on racing on intricate stunt tracks, coupled with a powerful track editor for creating your own challenges.

The game is part of the 4D Sports series that includes 4D Sports Tennis and 4D Sports Boxing.


Challenging Tracks and Exciting Racing

Stunts invites players to race around intricate circuits, aiming to complete each lap with speed and precision while avoiding crashes.

These tracks are no ordinary raceways; they are filled with daring elements like loops, jumps over skyscrapers, slalom roads, and corkscrews that test your driving skills and nerves.

The game world is confined within a large fenced area, preventing players from leaving the designated race zone.

Variety of Modes and Opponents

Players have the choice of racing against the clock or competing against six different AI opponents, as the game lacks real-time multiplayer features. The game offers a selection of 11 drivable cars, each available with either automatic or manual transmission.

Replays of races can be saved, allowing players to review their performance and strategies.

Robust Track Editor

One of the game’s standout features is the built-in track and terrain editor, which empowers players to craft their own imaginative tracks or modify existing ones.

This feature contributes to the game’s longevity and creativity, as players can continue to challenge themselves and others with custom-designed tracks.

Dynamic Driving Conditions

Stunts provides a range of driving conditions, from paved and gravel roads to icy or snowy surfaces. Each surface type offers varying levels of grip, creating an authentic driving experience.

The game’s physics engine, advanced for its time, simulates oversteer and understeer, while grip is affected by the curve’s banking.

Graphics and Sound

The game employs a 3D engine with flat shading and polygonal graphics for objects, including trees and road signs.

The resolution is set at 320×200 with 256 colors, and players can toggle between high and low detail settings. The game runs on DOS in real mode.

Copy Protection and Security System

Stunts incorporates a form of copy protection where players must input a specific phrase from the game manual before being allowed to race.

Failing to do so three times leads to an amusing crash sequence, where the player’s car crashes due to an “unactivated security system.”


Stunts stands as an innovative and engaging racing game, offering a unique blend of speed, strategy, and creativity.

With its challenging tracks, diverse driving conditions, powerful track editor, and dynamic physics engine, Stunts delivers an unforgettable experience that has left a lasting impact on the racing game genre.

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