Super Ninja Boy

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Super Ninja Boy offers a unique blend of action-RPG gameplay with cooperative play, inventive battle systems, and charming retro graphics, available on SNES and modern platforms

Diving into the world of forgotten classics, “Super Ninja Boy” emerges as a curious blend of RPG mechanics and platforming elements that once graced the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1992. Known as “Super Chinese World” in Japan, this American adaptation by Culture Brain offers a unique gaming experience that, despite its age, stands out for its inventive approach to the RPG genre.

Embark on a quest for magical aura balls in a world where action meets RPG – Super Ninja Boy.

The Game’s Origin

Super Ninja Boy represents a niche slice of gaming history, transitioning from relative obscurity to a cult classic among retro gaming enthusiasts. Its innovative gameplay mechanics and quirky story have garnered attention, albeit posthumously, for breaking the mold of traditional RPGs available during the SNES era.

In-Depth Analysis

Graphics: A Mixed Bag

Graphically, Super Ninja Boy doesn’t push the SNES to its limits. The game features standard SNES-era visuals, with character sprites and backgrounds that fit the console’s capabilities without exceeding expectations. The game’s world map and environments, including towns, oceans, forests, and mountains, offer a basic visual presentation that, while not groundbreaking, serves their purpose. However, the game shines with its quasi-airship view, rivaling the likes of “Final Fantasy” in its execution.

Super Ninja Boy (SNES gallery 08)

Sound: An Unfinished Symphony

The game’s soundtrack initially impresses with its oriental style, reminiscent of ancient China, providing an upbeat and engaging backdrop. Unfortunately, as the game progresses, the music shifts to a less appealing “England-esque” flavor, diminishing the overall auditory experience. Sound effects, from the punches to the sword hits, feel underwhelming, contributing to the game’s few shortcomings.

Control: Room for Improvement

Super Ninja Boy offers varied gameplay through action and turn-based battles, world map navigation, and side-scrolling events. Despite the diversity, control responsiveness is an issue, particularly in action battles where diagonal movement is absent, and getting up after being knocked down feels frustratingly automated. These control limitations slightly mar an otherwise smooth RPG experience.

Gameplay: Inventive Yet Flawed

The game’s high encounter rate is its Achilles’ heel, turning exploration into a tedious affair. Nonetheless, “Super Ninja Boy” excels in its battle system, allowing players to choose between engaging in combat or fleeing before a battle begins. The option to fight with or without a sword, use magic, and steal weapons from enemies adds depth to the gameplay. Additionally, the inclusion of 2-player co-op and the switch to turn-based combat for boss battles inject variety and replayability into the game.

Story: A Missed Opportunity

The narrative of Super Ninja Boy is its weakest link, hampered by a simplistic plot involving the collection of seven magical aura balls and a subpar translation. The story’s lack of depth and coherence does little to complement the innovative gameplay, serving as a mere backdrop to the action.


Super Ninja Boy could have been a standout title on the SNES, offering a blend of action and RPG elements that was ahead of its time. Despite its flaws, such as a high encounter rate and a lackluster story, the game remains a hidden gem for those willing to overlook its shortcomings. Its inventive gameplay and the option for two-player fun make it worth revisiting, even if just for a brief nostalgic trip.

Super Ninja Boy (SNES gallery 01)

Play Super Ninja Boy Online Anywhere, Anytime!

This hidden SNES classic is not only a nostalgic trip on the original console but also accessible for modern gamers on various platforms. Super Ninja Boy can be enjoyed on websites dedicated to retro gaming, as well as on mobile and tablet devices, ensuring that this inventive RPG remains within reach for both old fans and new discoverers alike.

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What makes Super Ninja Boy unique among SNES RPGs?

Its blend of action and RPG elements, coupled with a 2-player co-op mode, sets it apart from traditional RPGs of its time.

Are the graphics and sound of Super Ninja Boy up to par with other SNES games?

While the graphics are standard for the SNES, the sound, especially the music, has its ups and downs, ranging from engaging to less appealing.

What are the main gameplay features of Super Ninja Boy ?

It features a mix of action and turn-based battles, a high encounter rate, and the option to fight with or without weapons, use magic, and steal from enemies.

Is the story of Super Ninja Boy engaging?

The narrative is considered the game’s weakest aspect, hindered by a simplistic plot and poor translation.

Can Super Ninja Boy be played on modern devices?

Yes, it is accessible on websites dedicated to retro gaming and can be played on mobile and tablet devices.