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Super Tennis offers a unique, rhythm-based twist on tennis with vibrant graphics, customizable costumes, and a fresh, if unconventional, gameplay experience for Switch users

In an era where the nostalgia for classic games is at an all-time high, Super Tennis makes a surprising return. Not through the dusty cartridges of the past, but as a vibrant new contender on the eShop. This isn’t the SNES classic you remember; it’s something entirely new, bearing the same name but introducing a gameplay dynamic far removed from traditional tennis simulations.

The Name Game: A Fresh Serve

Initial Confusion

The announcement that Super Tennis was joining the SNES library for Nintendo Switch Online stirred excitement among fans, only for them to discover this was not the revival of the SNES classic but a completely new game sharing its name. This revelation has left many puzzled but also intrigued about what this new iteration brings to the court.

A New Play Style

Forget what you know about tennis games; this version of Super Tennis eschews the conventional for a novel approach. The game is less about simulating tennis and more about testing your reflexes and memory. Players are tasked with hitting button combinations as they appear on-screen to execute perfect shots across the net. It’s a rhythm game disguised as a tennis match, a bold choice that initially confuses but ultimately distinguishes it from its namesake.

Super Tennis (SNES gallery 05)

Gameplay and Mechanics: Hitting off the Sweet Spot

Jarring Experience

Venturing into Super Tennis with expectations of traditional gameplay leads to a jarring realization: this game is fundamentally different. The core mechanic revolves around timed button presses rather than athletic prowess or strategic positioning. While unique, this approach limits the game’s depth and variety, leading to a repetitive experience that struggles to evolve.

Weather or Not

In an attempt to introduce variability, the game occasionally throws in adverse weather conditions. However, these do little to alter the gameplay, as the challenge remains focused on the button prompts rather than the environmental context. It’s a missed opportunity to deepen the gameplay and offer players a truly dynamic challenge.

Redefining the baseline: Super Tennis brings a fresh rally to the court!

Costume Party on the Court

One area where Super Tennis shines is in its customization options. Players can unlock a variety of costumes as they progress through locations like London, New York, and the enigmatic Area 51. These costumes, while purely cosmetic, add a layer of personalization and fun to the game, allowing for some creative combinations that bring a smile despite the gameplay’s monotony.

Presentation: A Pixelated Court

Visual Appeal

Super Tennis doesn’t aim for realism but embraces a blocky, pixelated aesthetic that suits its arcade-style gameplay. The vibrant colors and smooth animations lend the game a charming appearance that stands out in the crowded market of sports games. It’s a visual style that harks back to the era of its namesake while carving its own identity.

Commentary Misses the Mark

A notable attempt to inject personality into matches comes through the commentary, which initially adds to the excitement. However, the limited pool of phrases quickly becomes repetitive, turning what could have been an engaging feature into a source of annoyance.

Final Verdict: Game, Set, Not Quite a Match

Despite its ambitions to redefine tennis gaming, Super Tennis ultimately struggles to deliver a compelling experience beyond its initial novelty. The game’s reliance on a single gameplay mechanic results in a lack of depth that fails to keep players engaged for long. While the unlockable costumes and attractive visuals provide some incentives, they’re not enough to compensate for the gameplay’s repetitive nature.


Super Tennis serves up an intriguing concept by blending rhythm-based mechanics with a sports theme. However, its execution falls short of creating a lasting impact. For those seeking a novel way to familiarize themselves with the Switch’s controller layout, it offers a quirky but limited diversion. Yet, for fans yearning for the depth and excitement of traditional tennis games, the search continues beyond this court.

Super Tennis (SNES gallery 01)

Play Super Tennis Online Anywhere, Anytime!

Super Tennis is available on the SNES platform via Nintendo Switch Online, ensuring that nostalgic fans and newcomers alike can access it. Additionally, its presence on mobile and tablet devices broadens its reach, allowing for tennis-themed fun on the go.

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How does this version of Super Tennis differ from the classic SNES game?

Unlike the classic, this Super Tennis focuses on rhythm-based gameplay, requiring players to press button combinations instead of traditional tennis mechanics.

Is there any strategy involved in Super Tennis ?

The strategy mainly revolves around memorizing patterns and timely button presses rather than tennis tactics.

What makes Super Tennis stand out?

Its unique approach to gameplay and vibrant, pixelated graphics set it apart from traditional sports titles.

Can I play Super Tennis on other platforms?

Yes, besides its availability on Nintendo Switch Online, Super Tennis can also be enjoyed on mobile and tablet devices.

Is Super Tennis worth it for tennis enthusiasts?

While it offers a fresh take, tennis purists may find it lacking in depth and authenticity compared to traditional tennis simulations.