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Prepare to world of Tempest 2000, an enhanced remake of the iconic Atari vector graphics-based shooter.

Tempest 2000 is a remake/upgrade of the popular Atari vector graphics-based shooter.

Blast your way through over 100+ levels, shooting the creatures that come out from the other side of the web to drag you in.

A Visual and Auditory Extravaganza

As you delve into the heart of Tempest 2000, you’ll find yourself captivated by its mesmerizing visuals and entrancing soundscape.

The game introduces a plethora of power-ups, each offering unique abilities that add depth to your gameplay. From jumping to AI robots, these power-ups are your key to survival.

Meanwhile, psychedelic graphics and vibrant explosions engulf your senses, all set to the pulsating beats of a thumping techno-house soundtrack that forms the game’s rhythmic backdrop.

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Bonus Rounds and Mind-Bending Challenges

Your journey through Tempest 2000 is punctuated by exhilarating bonus rounds that test your skills in unexpected ways. You’ll navigate through intricate rings or take a ride through a mesmerizing spiral tube, adding variety to the gameplay experience.

The accumulation of bonuses is your ticket to these mind-bending challenges, offering a refreshing break from the relentless action.

Multiplayer Mayhem

Tempest 2000 doesn’t stop at solo play, it’s equipped with an intense two-player mode that allows you to team up with a friend or engage in head-to-head battles.

Whether you choose cooperation or competition, this mode adds a dynamic layer to the gameplay. Additionally, the game pays homage to its roots by including a version of the original arcade game, ensuring that classic arcade enthusiasts can relive the past.

Four Unique Modes

Tempest 2000 offers a diverse range of gameplay experiences through its four distinct modes:

  1. Traditional Tempest: Immerse yourself in a faithful recreation of the original arcade game, preserving the classic gameplay that fans adore.
  2. Tempest Duel: Engage in thrilling two-player versus matches, competing against your friends in a series of intense showdowns. This mode introduces unique elements like the Mirror power-up, which reflects shots back at your opponent.
  3. Tempest Plus: Experience a fusion of Traditional and Tempest 2000 modes, combining the nostalgia of the original with the enhancements of the remake.
  4. Tempest 2000: The heart of the game, this mode introduces a plethora of improvements, including power-ups, bonus levels, more formidable enemy types, and intricate web level designs.

Unraveling the Web

In Tempest 2000, your primary objective is to survive and amass as many points as possible. The web serves as your battleground, with enemies emerging from its depths. Your ship is armed with rapid-fire capabilities, enabling you to swiftly eliminate threats within your vicinity. T

o aid in your quest, a Superzapper smart bomb is at your disposal, obliterating all current enemies on the playfield.

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Power-Up Your Arsenal

The introduction of power-ups elevates the gameplay experience. These capsule-shaped polygon objects materialize after vanquishing enemies or enemy projectiles.

Catching a power-up grants you various capabilities, such as the Particle Laser, enhancing your firepower and enabling faster enemy destruction. Jump allows you to leap off the web to avoid danger, while the A.I. Droid offers autonomous support, targeting and eliminating adversaries.

Warp Bonus Tokens and Beyond

Warp Bonus tokens add an intriguing layer to the gameplay. Collecting three tokens grants you access to any of the three bonus stage types. Successfully completing these bonus levels rewards you with 25,000 points and propels you five levels ahead.

However, failure results in a warp to just one level, adding an element of risk and reward.

Traditional Arcade Action

For purists, Tempest 2000 includes a mode that faithfully recreates the original arcade game, delivering the same classic action and challenges that players loved in its heyday.


Tempest 2000 is more than just a game, it’s a sensory experience that combines dazzling visuals, heart-pounding music, and addictive gameplay. With its multiple modes, power-ups, and bonus rounds, it offers a wealth of content to explore and conquer.

Play Tempest 2000 Online

Play Tempest 2000 online not only on your computer but also on your mobile devices and tablets.

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Can I play Tempest 2000 on modern platforms?

While the original game was released on older hardware, there may be emulators or reimagined versions available on modern platforms.

What is the Mirror power-up in Tempest Duel mode?

The Mirror power-up reflects shots from your opponent back at them, adding a strategic twist to two-player battles.

How do I access bonus rounds in Tempest 2000?

Collect three Warp Bonus tokens during regular gameplay to unlock bonus rounds that offer unique challenges and rewards.

What is Beastly Mode in Tempest 2000?

Beastly Mode is a higher difficulty setting where enemies are faster, more resilient, and fire more frequently. It offers a greater challenge for seasoned players.

Is there a leaderboard in Tempest 2000 to compare scores with other players?

Some versions of the game may include leaderboards or score-tracking features, allowing you to compete with players worldwide.