The Addams Family

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The Addams Family NES game offers a quirky, engaging platform adventure through a sprawling mansion, filled with puzzles, iconic characters, and nostalgic charm

The Addams Family franchise boasts a dedicated global following, with numerous spin-off products, including video games. Released for the NES, “The Addams Family” game stars Gomez, the head of the family, on a quest to save his kidnapped kin and reclaim their wealth from the villainous Tully Alford.

The game opens with Gomez receiving distressing news: Tully Alford, a nefarious lawyer, has invaded the Addams mansion with the intent of seizing their riches. Determined to thwart Tully’s plans, Gomez sets out to rescue his family members and restore order to the household. However, upon arriving at the mansion, Gomez discovers that his loved ones have been abducted, with Uncle Fester serving as Tully’s unwilling accomplice. Thus begins Gomez’s perilous journey through the sprawling mansion, braving traps, puzzles, and adversaries to reunite his family and confront Tully.

Enter the eerie Addams mansion and embark on a hair-raising journey!

A Unique Platforming Experience

Unlike traditional platformers, The Addams Family offers a refreshing twist by presenting the mansion as one continuous level. This unconventional approach encourages exploration and discovery, reminiscent of classic titles like Metroid and Maniac Mansion. As players guide Gomez through the labyrinthine corridors and secret passages, they must collect keys, unlock doors, and rescue family members to progress. Each area of the mansion presents its own set of challenges and puzzles, keeping players engaged and immersed in the Addams universe.

One standout feature of the game is its emphasis on treasure collection. Scattered throughout the mansion are valuable items from the Addams family’s vault, including dollar bills, money bags, and diamonds. To access the final confrontation with Tully, players must amass a fortune of at least one million dollars. This additional objective adds depth to the gameplay, requiring players to strategize and prioritize their treasure hunting efforts while navigating the treacherous mansion.

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Quirky Challenges and Humorous Encounters

Navigating the Addams mansion reveals a plethora of creatively designed rooms, each teeming with traps, obstacles, and hidden secrets. From dodging flying utensils in the kitchen to outsmarting giant venus fly traps in the conservatory, players will encounter a variety of humorous scenarios that capture the spirit of the Addams Family. The game’s soundtrack, featuring a synthesized 8-bit rendition of the iconic Addams Family theme, further enhances the immersive experience, evoking nostalgia and delighting players as they explore each eerie corner of the mansion.

In addition to its clever level design, The Addams Family incorporates memorable encounters with beloved characters from the franchise. Whether assisting Lurch with his piano performance or rescuing Wednesday from an icy predicament, players will encounter a cast of familiar faces, each contributing to the game’s charm and whimsy. These interactions not only add depth to the narrative but also provide moments of levity amidst the game’s challenging gameplay.

Flaws and Frustrations

Despite its inventive concept and endearing charm, “The Addams Family” is not without its flaws. The game’s high difficulty level and lack of checkpoints can lead to frustration for players, especially those accustomed to modern gaming conveniences such as save states and unlimited lives. Precise platforming sequences and unforgiving enemy encounters require patience and perseverance, testing the skills of even the most seasoned gamers.

Furthermore, The Addams Family suffers from technical issues and poor optimization, resulting in occasional glitches and erratic collision detection. Jumping between narrow platforms or avoiding hazards can be challenging due to the game’s clunky controls and unpredictable physics. These shortcomings detract from the overall enjoyment of the experience and may discourage some players from fully immersing themselves in the Addams universe.

A Mixed Bag

In summary, “The Addams Family” offers a mixed bag of delights and frustrations for players. While its charming aesthetic, clever level design, and humorous encounters capture the essence of the beloved franchise, its technical shortcomings and steep learning curve may limit its appeal to a niche audience. Fans of the Addams Family and retro platformers may find enjoyment in the game’s quirky charm and nostalgic references, but casual players seeking a more polished experience may be disappointed by its rough edges.


Despite its flaws, The Addams Family remains a noteworthy entry in the NES library, offering a unique and memorable gameplay experience for fans of the franchise. Its inventive level design, humorous encounters, and nostalgic charm make it a worthwhile addition to any retro gaming collection, albeit with a few caveats.

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What is the main goal of The Addams Family game?

The primary objective is to guide Gomez through the Addams Family mansion to rescue his family members, reclaim their treasure, and defeat the villain, Tully Alford.

How is the gameplay structured in The Addams Family ?

Unlike typical platformers divided into stages, The Addams Family features a single, expansive level designed for exploration, where unlocking new areas requires finding keys and rescuing family members.

What makes The Addams Family game challenging?

The game’s difficulty stems from its intricate puzzles, the necessity to collect a million dollars in treasures, and the absence of a save feature, requiring players to restart upon failure.

Are there any notable technical issues with the game?

Yes, players have reported glitches, poor programming, challenging controls, and problematic collision detection, which can make the gameplay experience frustrating.

Is The Addams Family suitable for all gamers?

While it has engaging elements and captures the spirit of the franchise, its high difficulty level and technical issues might not appeal to casual gamers; however, hardcore gamers and series fans may find it rewarding.