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The Chaos Engine is a top-down run and gun video game developed by The Bitmap Brothers and published by Renegade Software in March 1993.

The Birth of Chaos

The setting is a steampunk Victorian England where a time traveler, stranded in the late 1800s, unintentionally influences the course of history. Baron Fortesque, a grand inventor, seizes futuristic technology, leading to the creation of an alternate timeline.

The culmination of his endeavors is the Chaos Engine, a sentient entity that wreaks havoc, unleashing monsters, automata, and resurrecting prehistoric beasts.

The British Empire is left in ruins, prompting mercenaries to embark on a perilous quest to end the chaos.

The Mercenaries’ Quest

In a world plunged into economic and political turmoil, a group of mercenaries undertakes a quest to infiltrate quarantined Britain, discover the root of the chaos, and put an end to it.

The journey leads them through treacherous landscapes, battling hostile creations and uncovering the sinister truth behind the Chaos Engine.

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Battle Against the Chaos

As players progress, they face various challenges and puzzles, activating nodes to unlock doors and advance through levels. The ultimate confrontation awaits in the hall of machines, where the player characters engage in a final battle against the Chaos Engine itself.

The destruction of the engine reveals the narrator as Baron Fortesque, ensnared within the machine.

The Adventurers

Navvie and Thug

The strongest and priciest characters, the Navvie and Thug wield powerful weapons—a bazooka and a shotgun, respectively.

While slower, they boast high health and destructive abilities, making them formidable choices for players.

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Brigand and Mercenary

Mid-range characters, the Brigand and Mercenary offer a balance of strength and speed.

Armed with a rifle and Gatling gun, they provide versatility in combat, catering to players who seek a well-rounded gameplay experience.

Gentleman and Preacher/Scientist

The Gentleman and Preacher/Scientist are the swiftest but least expensive characters.

With lower health, they wield unique weapons—a flame pistol and a laser—that offer strategic advantages, making them suitable for players who prioritize speed and agility.

The Gameplay Experience

Traverse through each level, collecting power-ups, gold, and keys to solve puzzles and navigate mazes.

Activate nodes to open final doors, and at the end of every second level, use collected riches to upgrade weapons, enhance hit points, purchase items, and improve character attributes.

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The Chaos Engine is an interesting steampunk Victorian England game that seamlessly blends action, strategy, and mystery. With its diverse characters, challenging gameplay, and captivating plot, it proves to be an excellent choice for players seeking a compelling action experience.

Play The Chaos Engine Online

Experience the chaos on your terms! You can play The Chaos Engine online on the web, mobile, or tablet, dive into the chaos wherever you are.

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How many players can participate in The Chaos Engine?

The Chaos Engine supports one or two players, offering a cooperative gameplay experience. The computer controls the second player in one-player mode.

Are there different difficulty levels in the game?

The game provides a consistent level of challenge, ensuring players can enjoy the experience without extreme difficulty spikes.

Can characters be swapped during gameplay?

Once chosen, the characters’ control cannot be swapped during gameplay. Each character offers unique qualities that impact the gaming experience.