The Death and Return of Superman

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The Death and Return of Superman delivers an exhilarating beat 'em up experience, faithfully portraying iconic comic narratives, diverse Supermen, and immersive gameplay, ensuring timeless enjoyment for all

In the vibrant world of comics, 1992 marked a pivotal moment as the iconic Superman met his demise in the “Death of Superman” comic story arc. The aftermath rippled through popular culture, creating a significant impact on comic enthusiasts, and it didn’t take long for the narrative to transcend pages and find its way into the realm of video games.

Blizzard Entertainment/Sunsoft seized this opportunity in 1993, crafting a gaming masterpiece that would immortalize this legendary storyline – The Death and Return of Superman.

Game Overview

The Death and Return of Superman invites players into the heart of Metropolis, offering an immersive gaming experience that encapsulates the essence of the comic’s narrative. As players navigate through the game, they assume the roles of various Supermen, each wielding unique abilities and strengths, tasked with defending the city against a post-apocalyptic threat.

Graphics and Gameplay

The game’s introduction serves as a captivating prelude, featuring a chilling Superman logo descending amidst a blood-drenched narrative, setting a tone of urgency and intensity. The visual prowess of the game becomes immediately apparent as large, detailed sprites grace the screen, accompanied by vibrant backgrounds and engaging environments.

The Death and Return of Superman (SNES gallery 03)


Remaining true to the source material, the game faithfully recreates the comic’s storyline. It commences with Superman investigating a power failure at the Metropolis power plant, uncovering a nefarious plot by the underworlders, led by the supervillain Clawster. As the narrative unfolds, the epic battle between Superman and Doomsday ensues, resulting in a simultaneous demise for both and paving the way for the emergence of four contenders – The Cyborg, The Eradicator, Superboy, and Steel, each vying to become the new protector of Metropolis.

Character Variety

A notable aspect of the game lies in the diverse Supermen, each offering a distinct gameplay experience. From Superboy’s speed to Steel’s raw power, players can explore the unique strengths of each hero. Special abilities, though limited, add a layer of complexity to the combat dynamics, enhancing the overall gameplay.

Challenges and Enemies

The game plunges players into intense battles against underworld villains, demanding strategic engagement and quick reflexes. While the absence of co-op gameplay might be felt, especially against formidable adversaries, the beat ’em up mechanics shine through, providing a satisfying combat experience.

Visuals and Environments

Visually, the game excels with its large character sprites, detailed villains, and lively environments. However, a slight hiccup arises in the form of shooter-style stages, which, despite interrupting the overall flow, find redemption in the final level where Superman attempts to thwart a missile heading towards Metropolis.

Audio Experience

In the auditory realm, the game falls slightly short with an uninspiring musical score. However, the sounds of enemies colliding with backgrounds compensate for this, offering a gratifying combat experience. The disparity between the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo versions becomes noticeable, with the Genesis version exhibiting a certain lack of richness in its audio.


The Death and Return of Superman emerges as a captivating beat ’em up, successfully translating the essence of the iconic comic narrative into an engaging gaming experience. While the absence of co-op gameplay and the forgettable musical score might be considered flaws, the game’s intrinsic value and its ability to resonate with DC fans overshadow these aspects, solidifying its status as a timeless gem.

The Death and Return of Superman (SNES gallery 01)

Play The Death and Return of Superman Online Anywhere

To further enhance the gaming experience, The Death and Return of Superman extends its reach beyond conventional platforms. Seamlessly play the saga on your web browser, mobile devices, or tablets, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment regardless of your location.

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Is co-op gameplay available?

No, the game lacks a co-op feature. However, the engaging single-player experience compensates for this omission.

What makes each Superman unique?

Superman variations offer distinct characteristics; for example, Superboy is fast but vulnerable, while Steel is slow but exceptionally powerful.

How faithful is The Death and Return of Superman to the comic story?

The game closely follows the “Death and Return of Superman” comic story arc, offering a faithful narrative experience.

Are there hidden power-ups in The Death and Return of Superman?

Yes, breakaway backgrounds in environments hide power-ups and extra lives, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Why is The Death and Return of Superman value rising?

The game’s value is increasing due to its storytelling quality, unique gameplay, and its appeal to both gamers and DC comic enthusiasts.