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The Games: Winter Challenge is a sports video game that captures the essence of the Winter Olympics.

Developed by the Canadian studio Mindspan and published by Accolade, it made its debut in 1991 on MS-DOS compatible operating systems and later as “Winter Challenge” for the Sega Genesis in Europe (1991) and the United States (1992).

Despite being unlicensed and not endorsed by the International Olympic Committee, the game garnered attention for its variety of events and visual presentation.

The game features a basic 3D engine which allows to simulate slopes with ease, which enhances the gameplay of some events such as the Downhill.

Gameplay, as expected from a Winter sports game, relies on finding the faster trajectories in most events (Downhill, Giant Slalom, Luge and Bobsled), pacing the run correctly (Cross Country and Biathlon), skill and timing (Ski Jump), with button mashing reserved for just one (speed skating).


Tournament Mode

In Tournament mode, players can create their own competitor, choosing from a pool of 16 possible faces and nationalities. Up to ten players can participate, each with their unique characters.

The game offers different difficulty settings, which affect the skill levels of computer-controlled athletes. The objective is to compete in various winter sports events and emerge victorious.

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Training Mode

For those looking to hone their skills in specific events, Training mode provides a single-player experience. Here, you can participate in individual events with simplified rules that allow for errors.

Whether it’s mastering the downhill skiing or refining your shooting accuracy in the biathlon, Training mode lets you perfect your techniques.


The Games: Winter Challenge features eight winter sports events, each with its own set of challenges and gameplay mechanics.

These events include:


Players navigate a treacherous downhill luge course, aiming for the fastest time while utilizing the outside curves to gain speed without losing control.

Downhill Skiing

In this event, players must guide their skier through flagged gates on a downhill course, racing against the clock to reach the finish line.

Cross-Country Skiing

Navigate a long-distance course while managing an energy meter to maintain optimum speed and endurance.


Experience the thrill of navigating a narrow course in a bobsled, akin to the luge event but with its unique twists and challenges.

Speed Skating

Complete three laps around a circuit, starting with a gun and requiring rapid key presses to maintain speed.

Giant Slalom

Knock over as many flags as possible on a downhill course while relying on a course overview map to locate the flags. Players can ‘tuck’ for increased speed at the cost of motion.


A fusion of cross-country skiing and shooting, players ski to five targets and aim with their rifle. Accuracy is paramount, as inaccurate shots result in time penalties.

Ski Jump

Timing is everything in this event. Players must time their downhill jump, manage mid-air wind resistance, and align their landing to achieve the greatest distance without wiping out.

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The Games: Winter Challenge offering players a chance to experience the Winter Olympics. With its range of events, realistic gameplay mechanics, and visuals, this game has left a lasting impression on sports gaming enthusiasts.

Although not officially endorsed by Olympic organizations, it remains a classic in the world of sports video games.

Play The Games: Winter Challenge Online

The Games: Winter Challenge is now playable online  in a web browser, on yout tablet or mobile phone on our website.

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Is The Games: Winter Challenge an officially licensed Olympic game?

No, The Games: Winter Challenge is not officially licensed by the International Olympic Committee or similar organizations. However, it offers a comprehensive and enjoyable winter sports simulation experience.

How many players can participate in Tournament mode?

Tournament mode in The Games: Winter Challenge allows for up to ten players, each with their unique competitors.

What is the most challenging event in the game?

The difficulty of events varies, but many players find the Ski Jump event to be particularly challenging due to its precise timing and mid-air management.

Can I play The Games: Winter Challenge with friends online?

Unfortunately, The Games: Winter Challenge does not support online multiplayer.

However, you can compete against computer-controlled opponents or friends in local multiplayer mode.

Are there any sequels or similar games to The Games: Winter Challenge?

Yes, there is a sequel called The Games: Summer Challenge, which is based on the Summer Olympics. It was released by Accolade in 1992 and offers a different set of sporting events.