The Hobbit: The Prelude to the Lord of the Rings

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The Hobbit delivers an enchanting journey through Tolkien's world, blending action, platforming, and RPG elements for an immersive adventure in Middle-earth

Embark on an epic journey with Bilbo in The Hobbit, an action-adventure game that blends RPG elements, platforming, and puzzles. Dive into the world of J.R.R. Tolkien‘s prelude to the Lord of the Rings and discover the highs and lows of this gaming experience.

Gameplay Odyssey

A Blend of Genres

The Hobbit offers a mix of action-adventure and RPG elements. However, the integration of a vendor system feels disconnected, interrupting the flow of the game. The levels, mostly linear and based on the book, present platforming, fighting, collecting, and occasional puzzles. Unfortunately, shoddy collision detection and repetitive collecting hinder the overall experience.

Unpolished Combat

Combat, equipped with a lock-on system reminiscent of Zelda, lacks polish. The collision detection is imprecise, making it challenging to evade enemy attacks successfully. A variety of weapons adds depth, but switching between them mid-action proves cumbersome. Stealth elements, fitting for Bilbo’s burglar role, shine, yet the potential of Bilbo’s ring remains underutilized.

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Innovative Touches

Innovations like interactive ropes and stealth sections bring a refreshing twist. However, occasional glitches and unrefined mechanics, such as first-person rock throwing, hinder the overall gameplay. The abundance of save points compensates for the challenging aspects.

Navigating Controlscape

Zelda-Inspired Controls

The controls draw inspiration from Zelda but fall short. The first-person rock throwing feels robotic, and the camera presents challenges with transparency issues. Combat targeting, while functional, lacks the finesse of its Zelda counterpart. Control nuances contribute to frequent deaths, impacting the overall gaming experience.

A Literary Foundation

Adapted from Tolkien’s well-written novel, the story maintains its integrity but suffers from occasional summarization. Despite minor narrative gaps, the game successfully captures the essence of The Hobbit. In-game cinematics and pre-rendered sequences enhance the storytelling experience.

Aesthetic Sojourn

Whimsical Graphics

Opting for a whimsical style distinct from the darker Lord of the Rings aesthetic, the graphics showcase consistency. Bilbo’s animated expressions in cutscenes add character depth. However, level loading disruptions and occasional frame rate drops slightly mar the visual experience. Vibrant environments and character designs contribute to the game’s overall charm.

Symphony of Sound

Orchestrated Melodies

The game features a fully orchestrated soundtrack, offering a beautiful auditory experience. However, sound issues, including music not playing when expected and occasional cutouts, detract from its potential. High-quality voice acting from renowned performers enriches the narrative, while sound effects vary in their impact.


The Hobbit stands as an enjoyable yet unpolished adventure. While not fundamentally flawed, it lacks the finesse of similar titles. With a layer of polish, it could shine brightly. Despite comparisons to superior games like Zelda: Wind Waker, The Hobbit remains a worthwhile journey, offering an immersive experience within Tolkien’s fantastical universe.

Embark on an epic quest with The Hobbit, where every step unfolds a tale of courage, challenges, and the magic of Middle-earth.

The Hobbit The Prelude to the Lord of the Rings (GBA gallery 01)

Play The Hobbit: The Prelude to the Lord of the Rings Online Anywhere, Anytime

Experience the magic of The Hobbit not only on your console but also on your web browser, mobile phone, or tablet. Immerse yourself in Bilbo’s adventure seamlessly across various devices.

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Can I play The Hobbit on my mobile phone?

Yes, The Hobbit is available for mobile gaming, ensuring you can enjoy the adventure on the go.

Are there multiplayer options in The Hobbit?

No, The Hobbit focuses on a single-player experience, missing the multiplayer aspect found in some of its counterparts.

How does the combat system work in The Hobbit?

The combat system incorporates a lock-on mechanism, resembling Zelda. However, collision detection issues and unpolished mechanics impact the overall combat experience.

What makes the graphics of The Hobbit unique?

The Hobbit adopts a whimsical graphical style, diverging from the darker aesthetic of the Lord of the Rings series. Vibrant environments and expressive character animations contribute to its uniqueness.

Is the storyline faithful to J.R. Tolkien's novel?

While the storyline is faithful to Tolkien’s novel, occasional summarization may leave some narrative gaps. Overall, it successfully captures the essence of The Hobbit.