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The Lost Vikings II: Norse by Norsewest

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In The Lost Vikings II you will join the brave Viking brothers, Erik the Swift, Olaf the Stout, and Baleog the Fierce, as they embark on another cosmic quest to find their way home.

In this thrilling sequel of first Lost Vikings, they’re not alone – two new characters, Fang the Werewolf and Scorch the Dragon, will stand by their side. It’s a journey that demands teamwork and cunning puzzle-solving.

A Puzzling Adventure

The Lost Vikings II (The Lost Vikings 2: Norse by Norsewest), released in 1997, brings back our beloved Viking trio with a twist. The game was developed by Beam Software and published by Interplay.

This time, they’re joined by Fang the Werewolf and Scorch the Dragon, each with their unique abilities. You’ll need to make the most of this diverse team to overcome cosmic challenges.

A Viking Saga Continues

After escaping their previous predicament, our Viking heroes return home, only to be captured once again by Tomator. However, during an unexpected turn of events, they find themselves equipped with the remains of a robotic guard and get sent through time.

Welcome back, pathetic losers. This time you will experience the full wrath of the mighty Tomator!

With their new abilities, Erik, Olaf, and Baleog must navigate through different eras to find their way back home. Along the way, they make unlikely allies in Fang and Scorch, who lend their powers to aid the Vikings.

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Puzzle-Platforming Adventure

Lost Vikings II retains its side-scrolling platform adventure style. The player switches control between the five playable characters, ensuring each plays their part in overcoming cosmic challenges.

Puzzles and obstacles require the unique skills of each character to be unraveled. In a cooperative two-player mode, each player handles one Viking, with the option to switch to the third character. Teamwork is the key to success.

Skills and Abilities

Each Viking boasts distinct abilities and attributes, making them crucial at different points in the game:

  • Erik: Equipped with turbo boots for high jumps and swimming.
  • Baleog: Wields a bionic arm for smashing enemies and unique aerial maneuvers.
  • Olaf: Uses a fart-propelled jump, hang-gliding, and shrinking abilities.
  • Fang: Master of jumping, wall-climbing, and close combat with slashing.
  • Scorch: Commands fireball attacks, flight, and gliding abilities.


The Lost Vikings II offers a cosmic journey filled with puzzles, teamwork, and quirky adventures. With an expanded cast of characters and challenging puzzles, it’s a must-play for those seeking a classic gaming experience.

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Play The Lost Vikings II Online

Enjoy The Lost Vikings II on a variety of platforms, whether it’s your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. This cosmic adventure is accessible to gamers everywhere. Begin your The Lost Vikings II saga online, in a web browser!

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Can I play The Lost Vikings II on my mobile device?

Yes, The Lost Vikings II is available for mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy cosmic puzzle-solving on the go.

How does character switching work in the game?

Players can alternate control between the five characters at any time, ensuring each character’s unique abilities are put to good use in solving puzzles.

Are there in-game hints for challenging puzzles?

The game provides hints for tough spots, making sure players don’t get stuck and can progress smoothly through the cosmic challenges.

What are the new abilities of the two additional characters, Fang and Scorch?

Fang brings jumping, wall-climbing, and slashing skills, while Scorch commands fireball attacks, flight, and gliding abilities, adding exciting dimensions to gameplay.

Is there a cooperative multiplayer mode for The Lost Vikings II?

Yes, players can team up in a cooperative two-player mode, with each player controlling one character and the option to switch to the third character.