The Lost Vikings

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The Lost Vikings deliver a joyous blend of Viking humor and creative puzzles, challenging players to conquer diverse environments with a trio of charismatic adventurers

The Vikings, known for their brutality, have seldom been the central theme in video games. However, in 1992, Silicon and Synapse (now Blizzard) defied expectations by creating The Lost Vikings, a unique puzzle game for the SNES that showcased the humorous escapades of three Vikings. This unexpected twist added a refreshing layer to the gaming landscape, setting it apart from conventional hack-and-slash titles.

Unveiling the Wacky Plot

The storyline introduces three Vikings—Erik the Red, Baelog the Swift, and Olaf the Stout—abducted by an alien named Tomator. Rather than succumbing to their fate as zoo attractions, the Vikings embark on a journey through various time periods to escape captivity and return home. The comical narrative sets the stage for a puzzling adventure that defies Viking stereotypes.

The Trio’s Unique Abilities

The Lost Vikings distinguishes itself by requiring players to navigate nearly forty levels with a trio of Vikings, each possessing distinct abilities. Erik, the agile jumper, lacks offensive capabilities but can swiftly navigate obstacles. Baelog, the warrior, wields a sword and bow, while Olaf, equipped with a shield, provides defense and unique utility. The game’s brilliance lies in strategically utilizing each Viking’s strengths to overcome challenges.

Creative Puzzles and Diverse Environments

The creativity shines through as players tackle puzzles, obstacles, and enemies that demand collaborative efforts from all three Vikings. The game spans six stages, each representing different time periods, from prehistoric landscapes to futuristic scenarios. The varied environments introduce exciting challenges, ensuring that monotony never creeps into the gameplay.

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Wackiness Unleashed

The Viking adventure takes a humorous turn with jokes sprinkled throughout the game, adding a delightful touch to the overall experience. From facing tough enemies like giant hedgehogs to navigating falling pistons and rescuing an imprisoned girl, The Lost Vikings keeps the wackiness alive, culminating in a spectacular boss fight that tests mastery of Viking skills.

The Unforgiving Challenge

While immensely enjoyable, the game’s unforgiving nature becomes apparent as players must transport all three Vikings to the exit without any casualties. A single Viking’s demise resets the level, leading to occasional frustration. However, the availability of passwords and the option to restart levels mitigate this challenge.

Longevity and Multiplayer Dynamics

The Lost Vikings offers a lengthy single-player mode, taking around 10 hours to complete. Multiplayer, although not as captivating as solo play, adds an extra layer of fun for two players. With saved progress via passwords, the game allows easy pick-up-and-play sessions, making it suitable for short gaming bursts.


In conclusion, The Lost Vikings may defy expectations for a Viking-themed game, but its enjoyability, challenge, and addictive nature make it a standout title on the SNES. While not catering to hack-and-slash enthusiasts, it solidifies its place as one of the best puzzle games on the platform. Embracing The Lost Vikings for its uniqueness ensures a rewarding gaming experience.

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Embark on a puzzling Viking journey, where creativity meets challenge, in The Lost Vikings—defying stereotypes with every level.

Play The Lost Vikings Online Anywhere, Anytime

The Lost Vikings offers the flexibility of gameplay on both web browsers and various devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Experience the Viking adventure seamlessly across different platforms.

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Is The Lost Vikings a traditional hack-and-slash Viking game?

No, it’s a puzzle game requiring strategic collaboration among three Vikings to solve challenges.

How long does it take to complete the game?

On average, it takes around 10 hours to finish the single-player mode.

Can I play the game with a friend?

Yes, multiplayer mode is available for two players, enhancing the overall experience.

Are there any in-game jokes or humorous elements?

Yes, the Vikings share jokes at the beginning and end of each level, adding a comedic touch.

Is the game forgiving in terms of difficulty?

While enjoyable, The Lost Vikings can be challenging, requiring precise execution to avoid level resets.