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In the realm of historical simulations, The Patrician stands as a true gem.

Set against the backdrop of medieval times, this game immerses players in the intricate world of the Hanseatic League, where trading, politics, and ambition converge.

Trading Mastery in Medieval Europe

In The Patrician, you step into the shoes of a budding merchant with lofty aspirations. Your primary goals are to accumulate wealth and gain respectability in a world where these are synonymous with power.

To achieve this, you must establish and nurture sea routes connecting the 16 cities scattered across the North and Baltic Sea. The ultimate pinnacle is to rise to the esteemed position of governor in your hometown, a feat that requires substantial wealth and an impeccable reputation.

The game concludes when you ascend to the role of Ältermann—the highest rank of this era.

The Art of Profit and Peril

The life of a merchant is one of cunning strategy and calculated risks. Your journey towards affluence begins with the shrewd purchase of goods at low prices and their resale at a premium. Profits earned in this manner can be reinvested in expanding your fleet with a selection of four distinct ship types or establishing new stores.

Amidst your trading endeavors, you’ll also encounter the ever-present threat of pirates. To fend off these maritime marauders, you can equip your ships with formidable weaponry and join forces with fellow traders in daring pirate hunts.

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A Historical Business Game Masterpiece

The Patrician ranks among the finest historical business games ever created. While it enjoyed significant success on the Amiga platform, it remained somewhat overlooked by PC gamers—a fate shared by many other beloved Amiga classics.

Drawing parallels with Holistic Design/QQP’s Merchant Prince, The Patrician distinguishes itself with a stronger emphasis on political influence. As a trader navigating medieval Europe, your primary aim is to ascend to the position of Alderman within the Hanseatic League—the primary governing body of trade. To attain this esteemed rank, you must amass significant wealth through astute trading practices.

The Path to Power

Your journey to prosperity unfolds through a cyclical pattern of commerce. You sail to one port to acquire goods at favorable prices and then voyage to another to reap the rewards of higher selling prices.

The Patrician boasts an array of approximately 40 tradable commodities across 16 cities. The dynamic pricing system factors in elements such as seasonal fluctuations and local supply and demand, lending a realistic edge to your trading ventures.

As your wealth accrues, the pursuit of political influence becomes paramount. Acquiring the title of mayor in your home city becomes your stepping stone to Hanseatic League meetings held every four years.

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These meetings are the breeding ground for your aspirations to become Alderman. However, to secure the vote of confidence from your peers, you must garner favor across multiple cities—a task fraught with challenges.

City councils frown upon arbitrage operations, wherein you sell costly goods in their domain while acquiring them at lower rates, effectively causing the city’s coffers to suffer.

Challenges Abound

Becoming mayor is only the beginning. Your tenure in office is under constant scrutiny, with local politicians vying to unseat you. To make matters more complex, you must maintain a favorable reputation across various cities throughout Europe. The complexities of European politics and trade create a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

The Patrician truly distinguishes itself with its meticulous attention to detail and the myriad of gameplay options at your disposal. Beyond commerce and politics, players must navigate the intricacies of life, including marriage, city defense, pirate alliances, and even dealing with blackmailers.

A Glimpse into History

The historical accuracy and depth of The Patrician elevate it to legendary status among business simulation games. Its scope is epic, offering players seemingly limitless possibilities.

Action sequences, plagues, spice fleets, and catastrophic events such as fires inject excitement and unpredictability into your journey.

If you were captivated by The Merchant Prince, you’ll undoubtedly find The Patrician equally enthralling. It’s worth noting that a sequel, The Patrician II: Quest for Power, was released in 2000, garnering praise from European gamers. As the North American release of this gem by Infogrames looms on the horizon, there’s no better time to explore this historical masterpiece.

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Experience the Past, Shape Your Destiny

The Patrician invites you to traverse the cobblestone streets of medieval Europe and embark on a quest for wealth, power, and recognition. Immerse yourself in an era where trade was king, and political savvy reigned supreme. Chart your course, navigate the complexities of medieval life, and discover the boundless possibilities that await.

Master the Art of Trade, Seize Political Power, and Ascend to the Pinnacle in The Patrician!

Play The Patrician Online

Start on your trading adventure not only from your desktop but also from the comfort of your mobile devices and tablets. Play The Patrician online, in a web browser!

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Can I play The Patrician on my mobile phone or tablet?

Absolutely! The Patrician is available for both desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring you can enjoy the intricacies of medieval trade on any device.

Are there sequels or spin-offs to The Patrician?

Yes, The Patrician has seen sequels such as The Patrician II: Quest for Power and The Patrician III: Rise of the Hanse. The series continues with The Patrician IV, offering even more depth and challenges.

What are some tips for successful trading in The Patrician?

Keep a close eye on supply and demand dynamics, consider seasonal fluctuations, and diversify your trade routes. Building good relations with multiple cities is key to political success.

How do I protect my city from hostile attacks and pirate raids?

Equip your ships with formidable weaponry and form alliances with fellow traders for pirate-hunting missions. Invest in city defenses to safeguard your domain.

Can I engage in political intrigue in The Patrician, such as bribing city officials?

While political maneuvers like bribes are possible, they come with risks, including the potential for blackmail. Navigate the political landscape cautiously to achieve your goals.