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The Terminator: Future Shock takes us on a journey back to 1995 when Bethesda Softworks introduced an immersive first-person shooter set in the Terminator fictional universe

Released in 1995, The Terminator: Future Shock emerged as a first-person shooter video game that delved into the dystopian world of Terminator.

Bethesda Softworks, the developer and publisher, captivated players with its engaging gameplay and storyline. The game’s success paved the way for a sequel, “Skynet,” which arrived in 1996.

A Glimpse of Gameplay

In Future Shock, players experience the post-apocalyptic world through a first-person perspective. The game’s levels challenge players to complete various objectives while contending with a diverse array of enemy robots armed with a wide range of weapons and grenades.

The hostile terrain poses an additional obstacle, with radiation-soaked areas threatening the player’s survival. To navigate this harsh landscape, players have three options: traveling on foot, utilizing a jeep equipped with a mounted cannon, or taking control of an HK fighter, an aerial combat robot.

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Notably, “Future Shock” lacks a multiplayer component, a feature that was introduced in the sequel, “Skynet,” which offered a deathmatch mode for players seeking a competitive multiplayer experience.


The game’s story kicks off in 2015, with the player’s character escaping from an extermination camp with the assistance of the Resistance. Upon successful escape in the first mission, the player is introduced to John Connor, the iconic leader of the Resistance, and a young Kyle Reese.

As players complete a series of missions for the Resistance, the Resistance HQ comes under attack by T800 model Terminators. After helping Connor and other leaders relocate to a new HQ, players encounter a perplexing phenomenon: enemies seem to appear randomly on the screen.

It becomes evident that Skynet has perfected time displacement, enabling its future self to manipulate time by strategically placing its forces to thwart Resistance efforts.

The Resistance discovers that Skynet is using time displacement to transmit crucial information to its 1995 counterpart, accelerating its path to sentience.

Survive the future or become part of the past.

The player is entrusted with a mission to halt this process, but time becomes a relentless adversary as the Resistance HQ is besieged, and both Kyle Reese and John Connor sustain serious injuries.

Interestingly, Future Shock diverges from the timeline established in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” depicting 1995 as the year the nuclear war commences, rather than the previously suggested 1997.

The game immerses players in a post-apocalyptic environment, a world characterized by desolation, death, and radioactive pockets, with remnants of a shattered society.

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Play The Terminator: Future Shock online

You can play The Terminator: Future Shock online, in a web browser!

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How does Future Shock differ from other Terminator games?

Future Shock offers a unique storyline involving time manipulation and a post-apocalyptic world, setting it apart from other titles in the franchise.

What challenges can I expect in the game's terrain?

The game’s harsh terrain, marked by radiation and danger, poses a significant challenge to players, adding depth to the gameplay.

Is there a multiplayer mode in Future Shock?

Unlike its sequel Skynet, Future Shock does not feature a multiplayer component, focusing on the single-player experience.

How does the game alter the established Terminator timeline?

Future Shock shifts the timeline, depicting 1995 as the onset of the nuclear war, a departure from previous Terminator lore.