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The Terminator: Rampage takes us back to 1993 when Bethesda Softworks introduced a thrilling first-person shooter for DOS-based personal computers.

The Terminator: Rampage emerged as the third installment in Bethesda’s Terminator game series, following “The Terminator” and “The Terminator 2029.”

Set in the dystopian future where SkyNet, the corrupt defense system, battles the human Resistance, it introduces a new twist to the narrative.


In this iteration, SkyNet, once again on the brink of defeat by the human Resistance, dispatches a robot into the past to safeguard its existence. This time, it’s the formidable “Meta-Node,” designed explicitly for infiltration and construction.

After landing in 1984, the Meta-Node swiftly seizes control of Cyberdyne’s Cheyenne Mountain complex, transforming it into a hub for constructing a nascent SkyNet and an army of Terminator robots for protection.

Skynet’s plot is as sinister as ever. It sends its core programming, the Meta-Node, back to 1984, just before John Connor’s human resistance victory in 2024. The Meta-Node arrives at Cyberdyne Systems’ Cheyenne Mountain Complex, swiftly taking control and commencing Terminator production.

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In response, a lone commando, under John Connor’s orders, arrives in 1988. The mission: obliterate the Skynet computer core and eradicate the Skynet threat.

In a world controlled by machines, your mission is to rewrite destiny.

As the player, you assume the role of a human Resistance commando, sent back to the past directly into the heart of the machine-controlled Cheyenne Mountain. Your mission is clear: navigate each level, acquiring upgraded clearance cards, weapons, ammunition, and health.

Your journey involves exploring 32 floors of the Cyberdyne building, battling Skynet’s robotic and cyborg forces, and assembling the prototype plasma weapon, the V-TEC PPC (Phased Plasma Cannon), the sole weapon capable of vanquishing the Meta-Node.

SkyNet’s modern forces, from drones to disguised Terminators posing as civilians, stand in your way. Your ultimate goal is to find the parts necessary to assemble the prototype “V-TEC” plasma rifle, conquer the final level of the complex, and obliterate the Meta-Node to secure humanity’s victory.

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The game’s levels feature grid-based 3D mazes reminiscent of titles like Wolfenstein 3D. Your journey involves exploring each level to locate the stairs leading to the next, with the Skynet computer core hidden underground.

The game incorporates elements of dungeon crawling, necessitating occasional backtracking to access previously inaccessible areas.

Completing the game hinges on thorough exploration as you must collect and assemble the scattered components of the plasma gun, the sole weapon capable of defeating the final boss.

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Play The Terminator: Rampage online

You can play The Terminator: Rampage online, in a web browser.

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What sets Rampage apart from previous Terminator games?

Rampage introduces a new narrative twist with the Meta-Node and a fresh perspective on the battle against SkyNet.

How diverse are the game's levels, and is exploration a key element?

The game features a variety of grid-based levels, and exploration is crucial for collecting essential components to advance in the game.

Is there a variety of adversaries in the game?

Yes, you’ll face a range of enemies, from flying drones to disguised Terminators, adding to the game’s challenge.

How important is the V-TEC PPC in the game?

The V-TEC PPC is the only weapon capable of defeating the Meta-Node, making it a central focus of the game’s objectives.