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Play Theme Hospital online on our website and enjoy the world of medical management, curing comical ailments and designing the perfect hospital for your patients.

Experience the charm and challenge of medical management in Theme Hospital, a captivating simulation game that lets you design, build, and operate your very own hospital. This review, penned by a seasoned player, takes you through the captivating gameplay, quirky diseases, and the art of running a successful medical institution.


Theme Hospital is a unique hospital management simulation that immerses players in the complexities of medical administration, diagnosis, and treatment.

Step into the shoes of a hospital administrator and create the ultimate healthcare facility.

Construct and Curate

The game starts with an empty building, ready for you to transform it into a bustling medical center.

Assemble rooms with various materials, ranging from basic desks and cabinets for general diagnosis to advanced equipment like ultra-scanners and X-rays to diagnose and treat peculiar diseases.

Humorous Ailments and Quirky Machines

Prepare to encounter patients with amusing diseases such as Bloaty Head, Slack Tongue, and Alien DNA.

Treat these ailments using equally quirky machines, like the Head Inflator or DNA Fixer. The blend of odd diseases and even odder treatments adds a delightful layer of humor to the game.

The Path to Healthcare Excellence

Room Customization

Design your hospital’s layout by placing rooms strategically.

From GP’s offices to psychiatric rooms and operating theaters, each room has a purpose.

Customize the layout, add doors, windows, and furnish them with the required items to ensure efficient operations.

Staff Management

Hire and manage your staff, including doctors, nurses, handymen, and receptionists. Each staff member comes with unique statistics that influence their performance.

Train doctors to enhance their skills and make them more effective in treating patients.

Unpredictable Challenges

Emergencies and Epidemics

As you progress, challenges become more demanding. Be prepared for VIP visits, emergencies, epidemics, and even earthquakes that can strain your reputation and finances.

Adapt to these situations and maintain the hospital’s functionality under pressure.

Expanding Horizons

Advance in the game by acquiring new plots of land for expansion. Purchase additional space to accommodate growing patient numbers and new, specialized rooms that contribute to your hospital’s success.

Did you know? The game was developed by Bullfrog Productions, known for its focus on simulation and strategy games.

Experience Theme Hospital Online

Experience the thrill of managing your own medical institution by playing Theme Hospital on our website. Immerse yourself in the world of medical challenges, humorous ailments, and strategic decision-making.

Whether you’re on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can enjoy the game for free and put your healthcare management skills to the test. Build, cure, and conquer in this engaging hospital simulation game.

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How do I design my hospital?

Start with an empty building and construct rooms according to your plan. Customize each room’s layout, furnishings, and equipment to ensure optimal functionality.

What makes the diseases in Theme Hospital unique?

The diseases are comical and exaggerated, such as Bloaty Head and Alien DNA. Treat these ailments with equally imaginative machines, adding a humorous twist to the medical challenges.

Can I manage the hospital staff?

Absolutely. You’ll hire and manage doctors, nurses, handymen, and receptionists. Train them to improve their skills and allocate them efficiently for seamless hospital operations.

How do I handle emergencies?

Emergencies and epidemics will test your crisis management skills. Respond promptly, allocate resources wisely, and treat patients efficiently to maintain your reputation and financial stability.

How can I expand my hospital?

As you progress, you can purchase additional plots of land for expansion. This allows you to build new rooms, accommodate more patients, and continue growing your medical empire.