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Treasures of the Savage Frontier

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Treasures of the Savage Frontier is a Gold Box Dungeons & Dragons role-playing video game developed by Beyond Software and published by SSI in 1992 for Amiga and DOS platforms.


Summoned by Magic

A few weeks after the Gateway to the Savage Frontier events, the mage Amelior Aminitas calls upon the Heroes of Ascore to eradicate the last Zhentarim forces in the dwarven city of Llorkh. What starts as a simple mission to protect ambassadors spirals into a complex web of intrigue.

The Zhentarim, along with the Kraken Society and the Hosttower of the Arcane, conspire to dismantle the Lord’s Alliance and seize control of the frontier. The party finds itself framed as traitors, entwined in a plot that demands both diplomatic finesse and martial prowess.

Clearing Names and Unraveling Plots

The bulk of the game revolves around the party’s efforts to clear their names by completing missions in each city of the Lord’s Alliance. Simultaneously, they strive to expose the enemy plot to the alliance’s leaders.

Amidst these challenges, an unrelated yet crucial mission emerges—to recover a treasure guarded by a dragon.

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Uncovering the Conspiracy

To unravel the intricate conspiracy, players must collect two sets of crucial items:

  1. Crystals of Intrigue: Three distinct colors held by the Zhentarim, the Kraken, and the Hosttower. Obtaining these requires strategic melee battles and precise enemy targeting.
  2. Lucky Papers: Found in each city, these nominally lucky charms, when combined with crystals, unveil the entirety of the enemy plot.

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Dive into a rich gaming experience with the following features:

  • Character Development: Create characters up to level 12, shaping their destinies in the Savage Frontier.
  • Dynamic Relationships: Depending on your character’s actions, NPCs may develop romantic feelings toward them, adding depth to the narrative.
  • Strategic Combat: Increase combat complexity by involving allied forces, offering tactical advantages.
  • Weather Dynamics: Experience an enhanced Gold Box engine with a new weather system affecting wilderness play. Navigate combat encounters in the snow, facing movement restrictions that add a layer of realism and challenge.

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Play Treasures of the Savage Frontier online

Now you can play Treasures of the Savage Frontier online, in a web browser!

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What sets this game apart from other RPGs of its time?

The game stands out with its dynamic weather system, intricate plot, and the ability for NPCs to develop romantic feelings based on player actions.

Can I play with allied forces in combat?

Absolutely! The game offers the option to involve allied forces in combat, providing strategic advantages against formidable foes.

How does the weather system impact gameplay?

The weather system, a technical enhancement to the Gold Box engine, adds realism by restricting character movement during combat encounters in snowy conditions.

Are there additional missions beyond clearing the party's name?

Yes, the party faces a crucial mission to retrieve a treasure guarded by a dragon, adding an extra layer of challenge to the overarching plot.