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Ugh! is an engaging arcade/flight game where players assume the role of a prehistoric taxi driver piloting a stone-age helicopter, navigating through various challenges and obstacles while transporting passengers.

In Ugh!, players step into the shoes of a primitive taxi driver who operates a manually-powered bamboo helicopter, tasked with transporting passengers from cave to cave based on their requests.

What starts as a seemingly straightforward duty quickly becomes more complex as the prehistoric world proves to be filled with perilous creatures and obstacles.

Gameplay and Concept

Developed by Egosoft and released in 1992, Ugh! takes inspiration from the 1984 game Space Taxi. The game provides an arcade-style experience and is available on platforms like Amiga, Commodore 64, and MS-DOS.

Players control a caveman who aims to impress a potential mate by skillfully maneuvering a stone-age helicopter.

The gameplay unfolds across 69 levels, each requiring players to fly their helicopter across diverse environments while avoiding natural hazards and hostile creatures like dinosaurs and pterosaurs.

Collisions with obstacles and improper landings can damage the helicopter, while excessive flying exhausts the pilot. To restore energy, players can collect fruits that have been knocked down from trees using stones. These stones can also be used to temporarily incapacitate enemies.

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Cooperative Gameplay

Ugh! offers a unique cooperative two-player mode, allowing friends to join forces in tackling the challenges together. The game employs level codes to track player progress, with single-player levels adopting Christian Death song titles, while the two-player codes draw from song titles by Current 93.

Reception and Legacy

Initially released as shareware, Ugh! gained popularity through distribution via Bulletin Board Systems and magazine cover disks.

The game’s blend of action and strategy, set in a Stone Age backdrop, offered a distinctive gaming experience.

Players assumed the role of a cave-dwelling character striving to earn money by flying a manually-operated helicopter to transport travelers to their destinations. The unique concept and engaging gameplay contributed to the game’s appeal and popularity.

Play Ugh! online

You can play Ugh! online for free on our website, directly in your web browser. Embark on this prehistoric adventure, showcase your piloting skills, and immerse yourself in the challenges of the Stone Age as you ferry passengers through a world filled with surprises and dangers.

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What platforms can I play Ugh! on?

The game was originally released for Amiga, Commodore 64, and MS-DOS platforms.

Is "Ugh!" a single-player game only?

While the game primarily offers a single-player experience, it also features a cooperative two-player mode for added enjoyment.

How can I restore the pilot's energy in the game?

The player can replenish the pilot’s energy by collecting fruits that have been knocked down from trees using stones.

What are the level codes used for in Ugh!?

Level codes are used to track player progress, and each level code is associated with a song title.

Can I play Ugh! on modern platforms?

Yes, you can play Ugh! online for free through our web browser version, ensuring compatibility with modern systems.