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Play V for Victory online on our website and enjoy a thrilling turn-based World War II strategy game. Lead your troops to victory in historically battles.


V for Victory is a series of turn-based strategy games that catapults players into the heart of World War II. Developed by Atomic Games, these games offer a meticulous portrayal of historical battles, challenging players to make strategic decisions that could change the course of history.

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A Historical Perspective

Set against the backdrop of World War II, V for Victory faithfully recreates key battles and campaigns of this global conflict.

From the D-Day landings in Normandy to the Soviet offensive on the Eastern Front, each scenario places players in pivotal moments in history.

Intuitive Interface

Compared to earlier wargame adaptations, V for Victory boasts a user-friendly interface. Gone are the arcane commands and map coordinates, replaced by intuitive point-and-click controls.

This simplification enhances gameplay without sacrificing realism.

A Unified Experience

Originally released in 1991, V for Victory featured four separate scenario packs, each sold as a distinct expansion.

Today, you can experience the entire game, including all four scenarios offering a cohesive and immersive gaming experience.

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Historical Scenarios

V for Victory: Commemorative Collection spans several scenarios, each capturing a unique slice of World War II history. The scenarios include:

Utah Beach – Normandy (D-Day)

Experience the iconic D-Day landings on Utah Beach and the subsequent battles in the Cotentin Peninsula. This scenario provides an optional twist, allowing players to use the original airborne landing areas on the west coast of the peninsula.

Velikiye Luki – Eastern Front (1942)

Relive the Soviet offensive against German occupation forces during the Battle for Velikiye Luki in late 1942. This scenario delves into the harsh realities of the Eastern Front.

Market Garden – Operation Market Garden

Take on the challenge of Operation Market Garden and lead various units in critical actions. This scenario explores the ambitious Allied plan to secure key bridges in the Netherlands.

Gold-Juno-Sword – Normandy (Caen)

Return to the D-Day beaches, this time focusing on the British and Canadian sectors as they battle to capture the city of Caen. Experience the intensity and complexity of this vital operation.

Key Gameplay Features

V for Victory incorporates several innovative gameplay elements that enhance realism and strategic depth:

Supply Management

Set the supply level of each HQ at the beginning of each day, influencing troop capabilities. Unused supplies can be stockpiled for future use, adding a layer of strategic planning.

Unit Strength Parameters

Units possess characteristics like fatigue, morale, and disruption, all influenced by combat experiences. Understanding these factors is crucial for effective leadership.

Naval Support and Control

Effortlessly manage naval support through coastal stations, allowing ships to provide artillery support until they run out of ammunition.

Mouse-Controlled Convenience

V for Victory features a fully mouse-controlled interface. Additionally, the game provides computerized staff assistance for various operations, adding a touch of realism.

Did you know that V for Victory offers a realistic supply system, allowing you to strategically allocate resources and stockpile supplies for future use?

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In the world of World War II strategy games, V for Victory stands as a historical gem, offering players an opportunity to rewrite history through meticulously crafted scenarios. With its user-friendly interface, the game strikes a balance between accessibility and realism, making it a compelling choice for both seasoned wargamers and newcomers to the genre.

The game’s focus on historical accuracy and strategic depth shines through in its portrayal of key battles and campaigns, from the D-Day landings at Utah Beach to the intense fighting on the Eastern Front. Players will find themselves immersed in the challenges faced by military leaders during this tumultuous period.

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V for Victory introduces innovative gameplay elements like supply management, unit strength parameters, and naval support, enhancing the overall realism of the experience. These mechanics add layers of complexity to decision-making, ensuring that every move counts in the pursuit of victory.

Play V for Victory online

Experience the strategic challenges and historical authenticity of World War II with V for Victory. Play V for Victory online on our website, lead your troops to victory, and make your mark on history.

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Is V for Victory available to play online?

Yes, you can enjoy the game’s strategic depth and historical accuracy on our website.

Can I expect historically accurate battles in the game?

Absolutely! V for Victory faithfully recreates key battles and campaigns from World War II, offering an immersive historical experience.

How does supply management work in the game?

At the beginning of each day, you can set the supply level for each HQ, influencing your troops’ performance and capabilities.

Are there tutorials or in-game help for beginners?

Unfortunately, V for Victory lacks a tutorial or in-game assistance, making it more suitable for experienced strategy gamers.