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Vlak (translated as Train from Czech) is a freeware 90's clone of Snake.

Collect various objects and navigate through levels. This is the essence of Vlak, a Czech freeware MS-DOS game that gained popularity in 1993.

In this game, you control a locomotive, tasked with gathering items that transform into connected wagons. As you progress, the train grows longer, presenting a unique challenge akin to the classic game “Snake.”

The Gameplay

Collecting and Growing

The objective is simple – collect items displayed on the screen to transform them into wagons attached to your locomotive. Each collected item adds precisely one wagon to your train. The goal is to gather all items, unlocking the golden gate that leads to the next level.

However, beware of the walls and existing wagons – touching them prompts a level restart.

Vlak (gallery 02)

A Twist of the Classic Snake Game

The game’s mechanics draw parallels to the classic “Snake” game. You maneuver the locomotive across a play area measuring 18×10 squares, bordered by walls strategically placed throughout. The challenge lies in avoiding collisions with walls or your own train.

Such mishaps necessitate restarting the level, adding an element of strategy to your every move.

Navigate the tracks, collect the cargo, and unlock the gate – all aboard the nostalgia express!

Level Progression and Challenges

With a total of 50 levels, each presenting its unique layout and item arrangement, Vlak offers a progressively challenging experience. The game demands a balance between swift decision-making and cautious navigation to conquer each level successfully.

Evolution and New Releases

Continued Development in 2000

In the year 2000, M. Němeček released version 2.1 of Vlak, ushering in compatibility with newer Windows operating systems and higher resolutions. This update ensured that fans of the game could enjoy the nostalgic experience on contemporary platforms.

Playing Vlak Today

Web and Mobile Accessibility

Now you can play Vlak online, in a web browser, or on your mobile phone or tablet.

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Can I play Vlak on mobile devices?

Certainly! This game is accessible on mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy the game on the go.

How many levels are there in Vlak?

Vlak boasts a total of 50 levels, each presenting a unique challenge for players to overcome.

What happens if my train collides with a wall or its own wagons?

Colliding with a wall or your own wagons results in a level restart, adding an element of strategy and caution to the gameplay.

Is there a newer version of Vlak available?

Yes, M. Němeček released version 2.1 in 2000, ensuring compatibility with modern Windows operating systems and higher resolutions.