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Wings of Glory is a World War I combat flight simulator that takes you back to the era of biplanes, dogfights, and daring aviators.

Developed by Origin Systems and published by Electronic Arts in 1995, this game offers a unique blend of historical accuracy and immersive gameplay.

The Early Days of Flight

Origins and RealSpace Engine

Wings of Glory took its maiden flight in 1995, soaring into the gaming world on DOS. Developed by Origin Systems, the game harnessed the power of the RealSpace engine, first introduced in their earlier flight simulator, Strike Commander.

This engine laid the foundation for a realistic and visually engaging flight experience.

Taking to the Skies

Initial Missions and Aircraft

As a novice American pilot stationed in England, players navigate the challenging skies, participating in missions that involve take-offs, objective completions, and safe returns to base. The game introduces a progression system, starting with a humble Sopwith Pup and unlocking more advanced planes as players advance.

Each aircraft is a faithful representation of its real-world counterpart, equipped with machine guns and, in some cases, the ability to drop bombs.

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Gauntlet Mode and Mission Builder

Beyond the main campaign, Wings of Glory offers a Gauntlet mode, challenging players to survive against a relentless wave of enemies.

Additionally, a level designer empowers players to create their own missions, adding a layer of customization to the airborne adventure.

A Pilot’s Narrative

Plotting the Skies

Immerse yourself in the narrative as an American pilot serving with the Royal Air Force during the tumultuous times of 1914-1918. The game weaves a tale involving spies, German aces, and the inevitable loss of comrades.

This Origin creation infuses a plot into the historically accurate setting, providing a unique storytelling element to the flight simulation genre.

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Grounded Moments

While in the barracks, players can interact with fellow pilots, engage in conversations about life, or discuss missions with the commanding officer. The game’s attention to detail extends to kill boards, medals, and moments of reflection upstairs, where you can admire your achievements.

Airborne Realism

High-Flying Realism

The realism in Wings of Glory extends from the skies to the ground. Air battles are a thrilling spectacle, with detailed elements like pilots screaming when shot down, zeppelins slowly descending, and bombers inflicting damage on targets below.

The game captures the essence of World War I aviation with meticulous attention to detail.

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Flexible Flight Engine

The flight engine offers a spectrum of realism options, catering to both beginners and veterans. From engine pull dynamics to gun jams, wing shearing, and collision realism, players can tailor the experience to their skill level.

Each aircraft behaves uniquely, presenting a diverse and authentic flying experience.

A New Horizon

From Strike Commander to Wings of Glory

For those seeking the next adventure after conquering Strike Commander, Wings of Glory arrived as its spiritual successor. Despite the absence of SVGA support, the game introduced enhanced graphics, immersive sound effects, and speech elements, breathing new life into the flight simulation genre.

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Playing Wings of Glory Online

Play Wings of Glory online, in a web browser, for free!


Wings of Glory remains a timeless classic, offering a captivating blend of historical accuracy, engaging gameplay, and a narrative that unfolds among the clouds.

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What is the main focus of Wings of Glory?

The game centers around World War I aviation, offering a combat flight simulator experience with a mix of historical accuracy and engaging gameplay.

Can I create my own missions in Wings of Glory?

Absolutely! The game features a level designer that allows players to craft their own missions, adding a layer of customization to the airborne adventure.

How realistic is the flight experience in the game?

The flight engine offers flexibility, catering to both beginners and veterans. Realism options include engine pull dynamics, gun jams, wing shearing, collisions, and more, delivering an authentic flying experience.

What sets Wings of Glory apart from other flight simulators?

In addition to its historical accuracy, the game introduces a compelling narrative involving spies, German aces, and personal loss, adding a unique storytelling element to the genre.

Where can I play Wings of Glory?

You can play Wings of Glory online at Freebie Games website, directly in your web browser!