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Worms: A Classic Turn-Based Artillery Game

Worms, developed by Team17 and released in 1995, is the first game in the beloved Worms series. It is a 2D turn-based artillery tactical game where players control a team of quirky worms, battling against other teams controlled by either a computer or human opponent.

The goal is to strategically use an arsenal of weapons to eliminate the opposing worms and emerge as the last team standing.

Engaging Turn-Based Gameplay

Worms features turn-based gameplay, akin to classic artillery games like Scorched Earth. Each player commands a team of worms, and during their turn, they select one of their worms to take action. They can use various tools and weapons to attack and defeat the opposing worms.

The game allows worms to move around the terrain by walking, jumping, and utilizing special tools like the “Bungee” and “Ninja Rope” to access otherwise inaccessible areas.

Time limits are imposed on each turn to ensure a smooth and dynamic gameplay experience.

Players can modify the time limit in some Worms series games to suit their preferences. Over fifty weapons and tools are available in each game, and players can customize their weapon selection by saving it into a “scheme” for future use.

The game also includes options for reinforcement crates, sudden death, and various objects like land mines and explosive barrels.

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Origin and Development

Worms was originally created by Andy Davidson. Initially, the game featured characters from the popular Lemmings game, and the project was called “Lemartillery.”

However, due to copyright concerns, the characters were replaced with worms, and the game’s name was changed to “Total Wormage.” The positive reception encouraged further development.

After showcasing the game at a programming competition, Andy Davidson caught the attention of Team17 at the European Computer Trade Show. The company offered to publish and develop the game, leading to the birth of Worms as we know it.

Charming Character, Level, and Sound Design

Worms boasts charming, cartoon-like graphics and sound design, adding to the game’s quirky and humorous atmosphere.

The levels are randomly generated using alphanumeric strings, offering diverse settings such as forests, martian landscapes, beaches, and even the fiery “Hell” level.

Did you know? Worms originated as “Lemartillery,” featuring characters from Lemmings. However, due to copyright concerns, the characters were swapped for worms, leading to the birth of the iconic Worms series.

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Play Worms Online for Free

Excited to try out Worms and engage in strategic battles with your quirky worm team? You’re in luck! You can now play Worms online for free right here on our website. Challenge your friends or face off against computer-controlled teams as you embark on explosive, turn-based warfare.

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How does Worms' turn-based gameplay work?

In Worms, each player takes turns controlling a team of worms. They can move a selected worm and use various weapons and tools to attack opponents during their turn.

How many weapons and tools are available in Worms?

Over fifty weapons and tools are available in each Worms game, offering players a wide array of options to strategize their attacks.

Can I customize my weapon selection in Worms?

Yes, players can save their preferred weapon selection into a “scheme” for easy selection in future games.

Is Worms available on modern platforms?

While the original Worms was released in 1995, the series has evolved, and modern iterations are available on various platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

Are there any secret weapons in Worms?

Yes, Worms is famous for its “secret” weapons, which can be accessed through cheat codes or found in crate drops during the game. These unique weapons, like the Banana Bomb and Sheep, add fun and unpredictability to the gameplay.