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Lead the elite X-COM forces in the year 2084 to defend Mega Primus from alien invaders in X-COM: Apocalypse!

X-COM: Apocalypse – A Nostalgic Gaming Experience

X-COM: Apocalypse holds a special place among my top 10 all-time favorite games, and if I exclude the previous two installments of this Microprose trilogy, it might even make it to the top 5 🙂

As a self-proclaimed hardcore fan, I cannot help but critically assess this final, authentic X-COM title.

Revolutionary Graphics and Gameplay

X-COM: Apocalypse undoubtedly surpasses its predecessors in terms of graphics. With only 3 years between the release of UFO: Enemy Unknown and X-COM: Apocalypse, this game is indeed a fitting culmination of the trilogy.

An Intriguing but Bizarre Plot

Unfortunately, one of the slightly conflicting aspects is the storyline and the overall narrative of the game.

While the previous titles witnessed your roughly ten heroes dealing with multiple alien races and their central brains simultaneously, the plot of Apocalypse takes a more bizarre turn.

Set in the year 2084, you’ll focus solely on the city of Mega Primus, rather than the entire Earth. It makes me curious about the world’s reaction to events unfolding in this city, but regrettably, the game doesn’t explore that aspect.

However, the city’s individual infrastructure, diverse organizations, businesses, and your ability to influence its development are remarkably well-crafted.

Novel Gameplay Possibilities

X-COM: Apocalypse introduces some new gameplay possibilities that may have crossed your mind while playing the previous installments. One such feature allows you to visit the alien’s homeworld and give them a taste of their own medicine, similar to what they’ve been doing on Earth.

While this adds a new layer of depth to the game, exploring the alien dimension can become repetitive, with missions inside their buildings feeling somewhat monotonous. The AI turns, already quite lengthy, become twice as long when civilians are involved due to their separate gameplay time (turn).


X-COM: Apocalypse is a fantastic continuation of the previous X-COM titles. If you haven’t played it yet, or if you’re new to the series, I highly recommend giving it a try.

The game offers numerous missions, fascinating discoveries in laboratories, and everything you loved about the previous two titles, along with entirely new gameplay possibilities.

Play X-COM: Apocalypse Online in Your Browser

Exciting news for X-COM: Apocalypse fans – you can now play X-COM: Apocalypse online in your web browser on our website, allowing you to relive the nostalgic experience of this classic game without the need for downloads or installations.

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What is X-COM: Apocalypse?

X-COM: Apocalypse is the third installment in the iconic X-COM series, developed by Microprose. It is a turn-based strategy game set in the year 2084, where players lead the elite X-COM forces to defend the city of Mega Primus from alien invaders.

What are the key features of this version of X-COM?

The game features revolutionary graphics for its time, allowing players to explore the intricately designed city of Mega Primus. It introduces new gameplay possibilities, such as visiting the alien homeworld, and offers an immersive experience with diverse missions and engaging combat mechanics.

How does the gameplay differ from the previous X-COM titles?

Unlike the previous X-COM games, X-COM: Apocalypse focuses solely on the city of Mega Primus and its interactions, offering a more localized and detailed gameplay experience. Players will navigate through various factions, organizations, and businesses in the city while combating alien threats.

Can I customize my X-COM squad and equipment?

Yes, X-COM: Apocalypse allows players to recruit and customize their squad members, equipping them with advanced weaponry and gear. As the commander, you have the freedom to strategize and tailor your squad to face the different challenges that arise.