X-COM: Terror from the Deep

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X-COM: Terror from the Deep - Taking the Battle Beneath the Waves

Dive into a new dimension of alien terror with X-COM: Terror from the Deep. This sequel to the iconic X-COM: UFO Defense transports players from the galactic battlefield to the depths of Earth’s oceans, where a renewed alien invasion seeks to conquer a weakened planet.

Let’s explore the depths of this underwater struggle and discover what makes X-COM: Terror from the Deep a unique addition to the X-COM series.

An Ominous Renewal

After the events of X-COM: UFO Defense, humanity’s battle against extraterrestrial forces continues in X-COM: Terror from the Deep. The game takes a new turn as the alien invaders alter their strategy, launching a potent assault from the oceans.

This unexpected twist brings a fresh challenge as players face off against aquatic foes seeking to capitalize on Earth’s vulnerability.

The Unseen War Beneath the Waves

X-COM: Terror from the Deep, developed and published by MicroProse in 1995, plunges players into an underwater battleground. The game’s setting, plot, and mechanics are designed to reflect the unique environment of Earth’s oceans.

Unlike its predecessor, Terror from the Deep focuses on submerged base-building and combat scenarios, intensifying the struggle against the alien invaders.

Gameplay in the Abyss

The game’s plot cleverly incorporates the underwater setting into its mechanics. Alien technology from the first game proves ineffective in the saltwater environment, compelling players to adapt by capturing and developing new technology.

Similar to X-COM: UFO Defense, Terror from the Deep is divided into two main parts: GeoScape and BattleScape.

In the real-time-based GeoScape view, players manage global operations, including overseeing X-COM bases and personnel, acquiring resources, and expanding their influence. The BattleScape view, designed for turn-based combat, becomes the stage for intense clashes between human squads and alien forces.

The challenge intensifies due to underwater physics, weapon limitations, and complex map layouts.

The Deepening Challenge

X-COM: Terror from the Deep presents a heightened level of difficulty compared to its predecessor. In response to player feedback about the first game’s relative ease, MicroProse intentionally raised the stakes.

The introduction of melee weapons adds a strategic layer, enabling players to engage in close-quarters combat with the aquatic invaders.

A Dark and Intriguing Plot

Set in the year 2040, Terror from the Deep delves into the aftermath of the first alien war. Following the demise of the alien Brain on Cydonia, an active transmitter awakens a dormant group of underwater aliens that had slumbered for millions of years.

These aliens unleash a reign of terror on maritime vessels and coastal cities, kidnapping humans for enigmatic genetic experiments.

As governments resurrect X-COM to counter this new threat, players uncover the aliens’ ultimate objective: reviving their supreme leader, an unstoppable force once awakened.

The narrative takes a captivating turn as it’s revealed that the aquatic aliens are related to the Sectoids from the previous game.

Their origins trace back to a colossal spacecraft that crashed into Earth’s seas millions of years ago, resulting in the extinction of the dinosaurs.

X-COM: Terror from the Deep Online

Revisit the suspense and challenge of X-COM: Terror from the Deep by playing it online for free on our website.

Immerse yourself in the depths of this unique tactical strategy experience and confront the alien menace beneath the waves.

Did you know? X-COM: Terror from the Deep introduces underwater battles and a unique challenge as players must adapt their tactics to the oceanic environment.


X-COM: Terror from the Deep delves into uncharted territory, both in its setting and gameplay mechanics.

With its intense underwater battles and captivating narrative, it offers a unique and challenging experience for fans of the X-COM series and tactical strategy enthusiasts alike.

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How does X-COM: Terror from the Deep differ from its predecessor?

Terror from the Deep shifts the battle from outer space to Earth’s oceans, introducing underwater combat scenarios and unique challenges.

What makes the gameplay mechanics of Terror from the Deep distinct?

The game’s underwater setting affects gameplay mechanics, requiring players to capture and develop new technology suited for the ocean environment.

How does the difficulty of Terror from the Deep compare to UFO Defense?

Terror from the Deep offers a heightened level of difficulty, intentionally designed to challenge players seeking a more demanding experience.

What role do melee weapons play in Terror from the Deep?

Melee weapons provide players with new strategic options, allowing for close-quarters combat against the aquatic alien invaders.

How does the narrative of Terror from the Deep expand the X-COM universe?

The game’s plot unveils an ancient alien threat dormant beneath the oceans, adding depth to the X-COM universe and setting the stage for future installments.