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Jack Bean Studio, a little-known developer, crafted a series of five small DOS games from 1993 to 1996, with Yiyu Qibing (Topy) standing out as a notable Taiwanese RPG.

A Divine Disorder: Narrative Overview

The storyline unfolds as the supreme deity of a prosperous planet embarks on a prolonged inspection of their dominion, leaving the heavenly palace unsupervised. In the absence of leadership, discipline among the remaining gods plummets, leading to revelries, fights, and chaos.

Amidst one such celestial brawl, our protagonist—an enigmatic creature—tumbles from the heavenly palace, landing in an ordinary village. Named Toby by the local church caretaker, he grows up as an ordinary child.
However, Toby’s life takes a dark turn, marked by mischief and conflict.

A mysterious bearded wizard intervenes, casting a lethal spell. Toby’s adopted father sacrifices himself to save him, urging Toby to seek the supreme god and his brother for assistance.


Yiyu Qibing adheres to the standard Asian RPG gameplay format. Players traverse flat maps within settlements, engage in conversations with inhabitants, and explore buildings. On the larger map, unexpected enemies confront Toby during his journey.

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The ensuing battle screen displays up to four opponents and the outcomes of their exchanges. Toby can be joined by three other characters, each encountered as the game progresses. Combat options include magic, physical attacks, item usage, defense, and escape.

The game introduces diverse and creatively designed enemies, from parrots and spiders to one-eyed crabs and even devilish entities with red heads. Noteworthy are the humanoid adversaries, the angels, who guard locations with elevated difficulty, requiring players to enhance their RPG parameters for victory.

Graphics and Sound

Graphically, Yiyu Qibing maintains simplicity with a resolution of 320×200, while introductory animations showcase a commendable level of detail.

The game’s soundtrack features melodies from classical compositions, appealing to the discerning ears of music enthusiasts.

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Jack Bean Studio

Beyond the renowned Taiwanese game developers like Soft-World and T-Time, smaller teams such as Jack Bean Studio produced high-quality products. Jack Bean Studio’s games share consistency in graphics and gameplay format.

While rooted in Chinese historical themes, the narratives extend to medieval fantasy and science fiction, as seen in titles like Time and Space Mutation.

Despite the traditional Chinese interface, the intuitive gameplay makes the title accessible, providing a nostalgic experience for seasoned gamers.

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Yiyu Qibing’s Enduring Charm

From Pixels to Play: Yiyu Qibing Today

The enduring charm of Yiyu Qibing transcends its origin, appealing to enthusiasts of retro gaming.

Today, the game serves as a testament to the diversity of RPG narratives and the creative endeavors of smaller development teams.

Play Yiyu Qibing online

Experience the Yiyu Qibing game on your desktop, mobile, or tablet. Now it is possible to play Yiyu Qibing online, in a web browser!

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How does the game handle character progression and combat?

Character progression involves enhancing RPG parameters to face formidable enemies, and combat options include magic, physical attacks, item usage, defense, and escape.

What distinguishes the enemies in Yiyu Qibing?

Yiyu Qibing introduces a variety of creatively designed enemies, ranging from animals like parrots and spiders to humanoid adversaries such as angels.

Is the game's interface available in languages other than Chinese?

The interface is predominantly in traditional Chinese, which may pose a challenge, but the gameplay is intuitive, ensuring accessibility for players.

How does Yiyu Qibing contribute to the RPG genre?

Yiyu Qibing showcases the creative diversity within the RPG genre, offering a narrative that extends beyond Chinese historical themes to encompass fantasy and science fiction elements.