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Play Z game online! Z the game is a real-time strategy (RTS) computer game developed by The Bitmap Brothers in 1996. Enjoy thrilling battles between two armies of robots, the red and blue factions, as they vie for dominance over different planets.

An Epic Space Adventure

In Z’s storyline, players join the journey of Commander Zod, who initiates the game by shooting the Bitmap Brothers Logo off the screen. The narrative unfolds with a Supply Ship adrift in space, inhabited by two robots named Brad and Allan. They receive messages from Commander Zod, urging them to deliver their cargo promptly.

The two robots diligently resume their mission, facing twists and turns in space until they reach their first destination. Their adventure spans twenty levels across five planets, engaging in fierce combat against enemy soldiers. Victory is achieved only when they conquer all five planets.

As the game progresses, Commander Zod attains the esteemed rank of Supreme Space Colonel, leading to jubilant celebrations among the soldiers. However, an unforeseen mishap during a space stunt tragically changes their fate, leaving Brad and Allan hurling through deep space.

A Unique Twist on RTS

Unlike traditional RTS games, Z introduces an innovative approach where players don’t need to collect resources or construct structures to create an army. Instead, they capture regions and structures that manufacture units by moving troops to their respective flags.

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Holding acquired positions for a specific time period completes the unit manufacturing process. More controlled regions mean reduced production time, while more powerful units require longer construction times.

The game’s objective is to eliminate the opponent by either infiltrating their command Fort with a unit or directly destroying it. Alternatively, obliterating all enemy units results in an immediate victory.

At the beginning of each mission, players are given control of their Fort and a small group of units. Additional unmanned turrets and vehicles can be captured to bolster their army. Interestingly, when a robot captures a vehicle or turret, they become either a pilot or gunner and can be removed from the gun, effectively splitting them from their squad.

Z’s gameplay stands out for its complexity, intensity, and challenge compared to other games of its era. Vehicle drivers can take damage and if destroyed, the vehicle becomes unmanned and can be captured by either side.

The diverse behavior of different robot types, such as intelligent snipers avoiding exposure, adds depth to the gameplay.

Unyielding Battles Across Planets

Z presents players with a dynamic campaign where each level becomes progressively intricate, demanding greater skill to manage units effectively. The computer opponent gains an advantage, starting with more powerful guard turrets and gaining logistical benefits.

The game features combat on various planets, each with four missions to conquer. Successful captures result in the robot army being transported to the next planet, ensuring an unyielding interplanetary conflict.

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Play Z Online

Play Z: the Game online, in a web browser, for free.


Z: The Game stands as a timeless gem in the world of real-time strategy games, captivating players with its enthralling narrative, innovative gameplay mechanics, and formidable AI opponents. Fans of classic titles will find themselves immersed in the thrilling battles and strategic conquests that Z has to offer.

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Is Z available for modern platforms?

The game was originally released for DOS, but with emulation software, it can be played on modern systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

What sets Z apart from other RTS games of its time?

The game’s uniqueness lies in its unconventional gameplay mechanics, where resource collection and building construction are replaced with capturing regions and structures to manufacture units.

How challenging is Z's gameplay?

The game is known for its challenging gameplay, particularly with the advanced AI, requiring strategic thinking and quick reactions to succeed.