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In the wake of Alien Carnage/Halloween Harry, a riveting saga unfolds anew with the emergence of Zombie Wars.

This sequel resurfaces three years later, thrusting players into a world where the extraterrestrial threat returns with malevolent intentions.

As the Earth faces enslavement once more, our valiant hero, Harry, takes up the mantle of savior.

Harry and Agent Diane: A Dynamic Duo

Joining the fray is the enigmatic Agent Diane, standing shoulder to shoulder with Harry. Together, they embark on a treacherous journey through a world overrun by zombies.

Their path winds through a nightmarish landscape encompassing desolated parks, labyrinthine sewers, haunted beaches, corporate citadels, industrial complexes, and even the eerie confines of alien vessels.

Armed primarily with ranged weaponry, this 2D action side-scrolling adventure propels players into the heart of undead annihilation.

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A Tale of Unearthly Designs

The narrative seamlessly continues from its predecessor: the Non Human Alliance (NHA), an insidious cabal of aliens, resumes its malevolent machinations. With the kidnapping of one of Earth’s preeminent scientific minds, they coerce him into crafting a more potent Zombie transformation apparatus.

In this dire hour, the fate of the world rests upon the broad shoulders of Halloween Harry, a figure reminiscent of the iconic Duke Nukem. However, this time, players have the choice to step into the shoes of Diane, Harry’s resourceful sidekick, in this 2D side-scrolling escapade.

Weapons of Annihilation

No formidable shooter is complete without a symphony of action, a cacophony of gunfire, and a horde of ravenous zombies ripe for obliteration. Zombie Wars thrives in delivering this adrenaline-fueled frenzy, wrapped in a vibrant and cartoonish aesthetic reminiscent of Japanese anime.

Arm yourself with an impressive arsenal, featuring Alien Seeking Missiles, Micro-Nukes, Thermal Grenades, and the ever-reliable Photon Cannon.

A World Alive with Horrors

Traverse meticulously crafted and diverse landscapes, each imbued with its unique thematic essence.

Race through parks infested with the undead, navigate sewage-choked sewers, tiptoe through booby-trapped beaches, infiltrate monster-infested office complexes, wrest control from robot-dominated factories, and ultimately confront the alien menace within their own ships.

Each level unfolds with animated background graphics, breathing life into the game world—a stark contrast to the static backdrops of most platformers.

Visually striking, the game embraces a bold and colorful anime-inspired aesthetic. Beware the myriad grotesque zombies, each with its distinctive shape and size, lurking across expansive levels adorned with secret areas and hidden treasures.

A delightful touch is the lingering spectacle of flaming skulls dancing in the aftermath of a zombie’s demise.

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Prepare for a heart-pounding, trigger-happy adventure that epitomizes “brain off, autofire on” gameplay. Zombie Wars offers a frenetic and immensely enjoyable experience. It comes highly recommended, especially to those who hold a fondness for the exploits of Halloween Harry.

“Survive. Thrive. Slay the undead. This is your Zombie War!”

Playable Zombie Wars Online

Now you can play Zombie Wars online, in a web browser, for free!

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Can I play as both Halloween Harry and Agent Diane?

Absolutely! You have the freedom to choose between Halloween Harry and Agent Diane, each offering a unique perspective on the undead onslaught.

Are there hidden secrets and bonuses within the game levels?

Yes, indeed! Zombie Wars features an array of secret areas and concealed bonuses, enhancing the exploration and excitement.

How does the game's visual style compare to other platformers?

Zombie Wars sets itself apart with a visually striking and vibrant anime-inspired aesthetic, infusing every level with life and character.

Is there a multiplayer mode in Zombie Wars?

Zombie Wars primarily offers a single-player experience, focusing on the harrowing journey of the chosen hero. Cooperative multiplayer modes are not a part of this adventure.