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BC Racers is a racing style game, where you race your tiny car against up to three other racers (human, or computer) on a couple of different tracks.

BC Racers takes you on a wild prehistoric ride, where racing isn’t just about speed but also survival. In this unique racing game, each team rides a prehistoric motorcycle with a sidecar. It’s not just a race; it’s a battle for supremacy in the Stone Age.

Caveman Racing Extravaganza

In BC Racers, the Stone Age serves as the backdrop for a thrilling motorcycle race organized by millionaire playboy Millstone Rockafella. The prize? The Ultimate Boulder Bash Bike, a must-have for every cool caveman.

Eight teams, including six two-person teams and two single dinos, compete in this high-stakes tournament. Among the riders, you’ll find familiar faces like Chuck Rock, Chuck Jr., Cliff Ace, Roxy, Stiggy, and many more.

Race Your Way to Victory

The game offers various difficulty levels, from Practice to ROCKHARD, each featuring eight heats, resulting in a total of 32 tracks. Winning all eight heats in a difficulty level earns you a trophy. Conquer all races, and you’ll be the proud owner of the coveted boulder bash bike.

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Race and Battle

Your motorcycle isn’t just for racing; it’s also your weapon. All bikes, except the dinos, feature a sidecar with the second team member responsible for fending off opponents using special weapons like hammers, clubs, or even a screaming female.

A well-aimed hit can damage rival bikes or knock them off the track. But remember, the same can happen to your bike if you’re not careful. When your bike gets wrecked, you’ll need to expend a life to restart the current race.

Diverse Terrains and Challenges

Prepare for races across various terrains, including Rock City, night rally, desert drive, jungle rumble, swamp stomp, blizzard blitz, cave rave, and the ultimate volcano dash. Each race offers unique challenges and obstacles, making every victory hard-earned.

Multiplayer Mayhem

For an extra dose of fun, invite your friends for intense two-player split-screen races. The multiplayer mode adds layers of chaos and competition, significantly enhancing replayability.

Race, battle, and survive in the Stone Age with BC Racers, a unique racing experience that offers a blast from the past.

Unconventional Controls

The controls may feel a bit unconventional at first. Without a joystick, you’ll use Q to accelerate and A to brake, while ‘,’ (comma) and ‘.’ (full stop) steer left and right, respectively.

Tab is for punching and activating your nitro boost. A combination of A and steering initiates a handbrake turn, and P pauses the game. While paused, you can adjust graphical detail levels using function keys (F1, F2…).

Visuals and Sound

BC Racers features graphics of the era, with a resolution of 320 x 200 pixels and bitmap objects in a “flat” 3D world.

To enhance performance, consider turning off the sound using setup.exe. The game’s sound effects are limited, and the music may become more annoying than enjoyable.

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A Fun But Limited Classic

In conclusion, BC Racers is an enjoyable racing game that embraced the technology of the early ’90s. If you’re a fan of titles like Wacky Wheels, you’ll likely find entertainment in BC Racers.

However, it falls short of achieving classic status due to its lack of track variety and absence of power-ups or special weapons to discover.

Play BC Racers Online

Experience the Stone Age racing excitement of BC Racers not only on your desktop but also on your mobile devices and tablets. Enjoy BC Racers online, in a web browser!

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Are there any sequels or similar games to BC Racers?

Currently, there are no official sequels to BC Racers. However, fans of unique racing games may find enjoyment in similar titles that capture the essence of this prehistoric racing adventure.

What are some strategies for excelling in BC Racers multiplayer mode?

In multiplayer mode, communication with your fellow racers is essential. Experiment with different weapons and strategies to gain an advantage over your friends.

How can I create my own tracks in BC Racers?

BC Racers offers a variety of tracks, but there is no built-in track editor for creating custom tracks.

Are there any unlockable features or secrets in BC Racers?

BC Racers primarily focuses on racing and battling, without extensive unlockable features or secrets. The game’s challenge lies in mastering its tracks and defeating opponents.