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Conquest of the New World

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Conquest of the New World offers an engaging strategy experience similar to Civilization, focusing on colonization, trade, and conquest in the Americas during the 15th century.

Conquest of the New World, a strategic video game developed by Interplay Productions and launched in 1996, presents players with an immersive experience of exploration, colonization, and conquest set against the backdrop of the Americas’ discovery.

Conquest of the New World game description

With a turn-based gameplay style and a blend of trade, diplomacy, and warfare, the game provides a dynamic environment for players to build and expand their colonies, interact with indigenous populations, and vie for supremacy in the New World.

Discovering a Continent

As the game commences in the year 1493, players embark on a journey of exploration and colonization. Initially equipped with a ship, the player’s task involves landing in various locations and establishing contact with the native populations.

Similar to the gameplay mechanics of Civilization and Colonization, players can choose to either forge alliances through trade or engage in confrontations with the natives.

Gameplay Mechanics

Conquest of the New World employs a turn-based strategy approach, allowing players to guide their units — including explorers, colonists, and soldiers — across the uncharted territories. The game unfolds as players unveil mountains, plains, rivers, and landmarks while mapping out the landscape.

The foundation of successful colonization hinges on establishing self-sufficient colonies by constructing essential buildings like sawmills, mines, housing, and farms.

Colonization and Conquest

To secure dominance, players must strategically manage resources, train armies, and plan military campaigns. The game introduces a mini-game combat system occurring on a 3×4 grid battlefield. Victory is achieved either by eliminating all enemy troops or capturing their flag.

The path to victory is flexible, catering to both conquest-focused players and those aiming for victory points.

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Diverse Nations and Customization

Players assume control of one of six distinct nations, each with its unique attributes and aspirations. The game’s isometric view with three-dimensional terrain features enhances the visual experience.

Colonies are structured around a central Colony Centre, serving as a hub for building placement. Structures can be upgraded to enhance production capacities, contributing to the colony’s growth and prosperity.

Reception and Legacy

Conquest of the New World garnered favorable reviews for its engaging gameplay. Reviewers praised its distinct simplicity, requiring strategic foresight, and the ability to tailor complexity levels by automating certain aspects of the game.

The battles, often tactically deep yet concise, were commended for their immersive nature. Multiplayer functionality and landmark naming further enriched the experience.

The game’s uniqueness and blend of historical simulation and strategy appealed to dedicated strategy enthusiasts.

In 2000, the game achieved commercial success, selling over 500,000 units. This achievement underscored the game’s lasting impact on the gaming community and solidified its position as a significant contribution to the strategy genre.

Play Conquest of the New World Online for Free

Rediscover the allure of Conquest of the New World by experiencing its captivating gameplay online, free of charge. Immerse yourself in a world of exploration, diplomacy, and warfare as you carve your path in the New World.

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What makes Conquest of the New World unique compared to other strategy games?

The game’s blend of exploration, colonization, and warfare set against the backdrop of the New World distinguishes it from other strategy titles.

How does the turn-based gameplay enhance the experience?

The turn-based approach allows players to strategize their actions, making decisions that impact their colonies’ growth and interactions with other nations.

What role does diplomacy play in the game?

Diplomacy is pivotal as players can choose to engage in trade or conflicts with native populations, shaping their path to dominance.

How does the combat system contribute to the gameplay?

The mini-game combat system offers tactical depth and engagement, enhancing the immersive nature of military campaigns.

What legacy does Conquest of the New World leave in the strategy genre?

The game’s blend of historical simulation, strategy, and distinct gameplay mechanics cemented its position as a notable contribution to the strategy gaming landscape.