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Experience adrenaline-pumping action with Destruction Derby 2. Building on the original's legacy, the game takes things further. Destroy opponent cars in new modes and take your car airborne for added thrills.

Dive into the exhilarating realm of Destruction Derby 2, the much-anticipated sequel that takes vehicular mayhem to new heights. Experience the thrill of demolition derby chaos and high-speed racing as you compete to earn points, leave your rivals in the dust, and dominate the arena.


Get ready for an adrenaline-charged ride with Destruction Derby 2, the highly anticipated sequel that builds upon the chaotic vehicular combat racing of its predecessor. If you ever reveled in the pure joy of smashing toy cars as a child, this game is designed to bring that gleeful destruction to life on your screen.

A Crashing Good Time

Destruction Derby 2 revs onto the scene as a vehicular combat racing video game that seamlessly blends racing prowess with the unbridled satisfaction of wrecking your competitors’ vehicles.

Developed by Reflections Interactive and published in 1996 by Psygnosis, this game ramps up the excitement by introducing a variety of modes that challenge players to earn points through strategic damage-dealing tactics.

Whether you’re engaging in standard races or arena-based showdowns, the objective remains clear: emerge as the last driver standing amidst the chaos.

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Revamped Gameplay and Modes

Following the success of the original Destruction Derby, its sequel takes the concept to the next level. Destruction Derby 2 introduces players to diverse modes, each with its own set of challenges and thrills.

Wrecking Racing places you in a race where the true goal lies in causing havoc among fellow racers.

In Stock Car races, standard racing rules apply, but don’t think for a second that you can’t dish out or withstand damage.

The iconic Destruction Derby mode shifts the focus to intense arena battles, where causing maximum destruction is the name of the game. Notably, a new feature known as the pit stop allows you to repair your vehicle on the fly, adding an extra layer of strategy to the mix.

Explosive Race Types

Destruction Derby 2 sets itself apart by presenting an array of game types to suit your competitive appetite. Championship mode immerses you in a league of seasons featuring races and Destruction Derby matches.

Race Practice lets you hone your skills, while Time Trial challenges you to beat the clock. Multi Player, accommodating up to nine players, ensures an engaging experience where a league table showcases everyone’s standings.

Destruction Derby 2, the introduction of track obstacles such as jumps and crossovers adds an exciting dimension to the gameplay, pushing the boundaries of traditional racing.

Defying Gravity and Expectations

One of the standout features of Destruction Derby 2 is the ability of your vehicle to defy gravity and take to the skies. Courses now incorporate banks and jumps that propel cars into the air, resulting in mid-air collisions and chaotic cascades of vehicles.

The physics of these airborne maneuvers occasionally venture into the realm of fantastical, adding a dramatic flair to the frenetic action.

Captivating Crash Scenes

When it comes to creating spectacular crash scenes, Destruction Derby 2 raises the bar. Vehicles splinter into an array of parts upon impact, resembling a makeshift auto shop. Hoods and wheels may go flying, leaving cars with exposed engines and dramatic sparks as they scrape the ground.

Prepare for a symphony of destruction as you race and collide, with each crash bringing you closer to eliminating the competition.

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Dynamic Tracks and Intense Races

The game introduces seven new race tracks, each offering unique challenges and settings. From desert roads to nocturnal streets, these tracks promise diverse experiences. Psygnosis listened to player feedback and introduced four new destruction derby tracks that cater to your desire for vehicular mayhem.

Among these, the “Death Bowl” stands out with its inescapable chasm, ready to claim cars that veer too close.

Visuals and Playability

While the graphics and playability of Destruction Derby 2 may not reach the silky standards of its PlayStation counterpart, it undeniably surpasses the original PC version.

The game boasts a superior appearance and enhanced playability, all while retaining the core essence of its predecessor’s thrilling chaos.

The Verdict

Destruction Derby 2 roars onto the scene as a dynamic sequel that builds upon the foundation of its predecessor.

With its gravity-defying stunts, explosive crash scenes, and an expanded array of modes and tracks, this game is a must-play for anyone seeking a dose of adrenaline-fueled destruction in their racing experience.

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Play Destruction Derby 2 online

Unleash the mayhem of Destruction Derby 2 on our website, where you can play for free directly in your browser. Experience the heart-pounding action on your desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Engage in vehicular combat, navigate dynamic tracks, and embrace the thrill of chaotic competition in this exhilarating sequel.

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How can I play Destruction Derby 2 online on your website?

The game is available directly on our website. Just open your browser, load the game, and start having fun.

What game modes are available in Destruction Derby 2?

The game offers various modes including Wrecking Racing, where you earn points for destroying opponent cars, and Destruction Derby, which focuses on maximum damage.

What's the main challenge in Destruction Derby 2?

The main challenge is finding the balance between high-speed racing and strategic destruction of opponent cars.

How many players can participate simultaneously in Multi Player mode?

Multi Player mode allows up to nine players to compete simultaneously, with the ability to track their standings on the leaderboard.

How does Destruction Derby 2 differ from its predecessor?

Destruction Derby 2 introduces new elements such as jumps and track obstacles, taking the game’s dramatic potential and fun to the next level.