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Dime City, a fictitious American town in the last 30 years of the last century, is the scene of this business simulation in the gangster environment.

In the realm of German business simulations, the advent of Mad TV marked a significant shift. It transformed the once-numerical and dry genre into a visually absurd comic style, setting a trend for local developers to follow suit.

However, not every game that emerged from this wave of transformation proved to be a success. Dime City, set within the mafia underworld, attempted to carve its niche but faced challenges in delivering a satisfying gaming experience.

The Unique Hub: Dime City’s Office Building

Dime City takes an unconventional approach by utilizing an office building as its central hub, where players navigate through doors to trigger various functions.

While this departure from the norm is intriguing, the game’s uniqueness largely ends there.

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Dime City tasks players with propelling their mafia enterprise to the pinnacle of the underworld hierarchy. The usual repertoire of criminal activities such as extortion, robbery, and prostitution comes into play.

However, the execution of these activities involves convoluted accountancy methods, adding an unnecessary layer of complexity.

Frustrating Mechanics

The core activity of searching for valuable targets becomes an exercise in frustration. Navigating confusing city maps to find suitable spots for criminal endeavors feels like tedious busywork.

The decision-making process is further hindered by the game’s tendency to provide an ideal solution without room for player experimentation or optimization.

Superficial Money-Making Options

Beyond the primary criminal activities, Dime City introduces various money-making options, including weapon contracts and stock market trading. However, these additions fail to elevate the gaming experience, resembling business simulations from the 1980s.

The incorporation of controversial themes like slave trading does little to enhance the overall entertainment value.

In the mid-1990s, a peculiar trend emerged in German business simulations, featuring hyper-sexualized female cartoon characters with distorted body proportions.

Dime City unabashedly aligns with this trend, catering to a demographic of male teenagers struggling with real-world interactions with the opposite sex.

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Questionable Objectives

The game’s objectives further contribute to its tasteless nature. A vague godfather figure must be eliminated through remote activation, with the activation code hidden on his secretary’s naked body.

This crude scenario, coupled with the need for gifts and relentless flirting to engage with the character, reflects poorly on the game’s design.

Lack of Integration

Dime City introduces various gameplay elements such as legal cover companies and bribery as solutions to potential problems. However, these options exist independently, lacking integration or synergy.

The game fails to create a cohesive experience where different elements build upon each other.

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A Forgotten Relic: Dime City’s Legacy

The game obscurity in contemporary gaming circles can be attributed to its misguided marketing strategy. The assumption that a humorous aesthetic would compensate for lacking gameplay depth proved to be a miscalculation.

The game’s downfall serves as a reminder that an abundance of options does not guarantee depth or entertainment.


In the grand tapestry of gaming history, Dime City stands as a forgotten relic, overshadowed by more successful and engaging titles.

Its attempt to infuse humor into the mafia business simulation genre fell short, leaving players with a tasteless and disjointed gaming experience.

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Play Dime City online

You can play Dime City online, in a web browser at freebie.games website.

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Is Dime City suitable for all audiences?

The content, including sexualized themes and tasteless scenarios, may not be suitable for all audiences. Player discretion is advised.

How does Dime City differ from other mafia-themed games?

The game sets itself apart with its unconventional office building hub and attempts to blend humor with mafia business simulation. However, its disjointed gameplay elements and tasteless content distinguish it in less favorable ways.

What challenges can I expect in Dime City?

Players will navigate confusing city maps, engage in frustrating target searches, and experience limited decision-making opportunities, contributing to an overall challenging and often tedious gaming experience.

Is Dime City a well-known game?

No, Dime City is not widely recognized, and its lack of popularity can be attributed to its unsuccessful attempt to balance humor with engaging gameplay.