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Fire Pro Wrestling 2 delivers a thrilling experience with a vast wrestler selection, intricate gameplay, and boundless customization, ensuring endless fun for wrestling enthusiasts worldwide

Fire Pro Wrestling 2 has grappled its way into the hearts of gaming enthusiasts, offering an extensive roster, intricate gameplay, and a multitude of features. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the game’s key aspects, from its origins to gameplay mechanics, modes, and customization options.

Origins and Sequel Significance

Fire Pro Wrestling Legacy

Fire Pro Wrestling 2, as the sequel to the original Game Boy Advance title, builds upon the legacy of its predecessor. Released with an expanded roster and enhanced customization options, it aims to provide a rich gaming experience for both wrestling aficionados and newcomers.

Massive Wrestler Selection

Fire Pro Wrestling 2 boasts an impressive array of 200 wrestlers and 18 organizations, allowing players to choose their favorites from the wrestling world. Additionally, the game enables the creation of 77 unique wrestlers and five original organizations, offering an unparalleled level of customization.

Fire Pro Wrestling 2 (GBA gallery 04)

Technical Fighting Techniques

The gameplay revolves around mastering over 1,200 different fighting techniques, creating a substantial learning curve. Precise control, executed with the A and B buttons, is crucial for unleashing a wrestler’s full potential.

The devilishly clever combat system demands perfect execution and timing, providing a challenge that goes beyond button-mashing.

Fighting Styles and Stamina

The inclusion of over 10 fighting styles and a sophisticated stamina system elevates the game’s depth. Each wrestler’s stamina depletion is influenced by the specific body part targeted during attacks. The hit-specific damage model adds strategic layers, allowing players to choose between risky headshots or wearing down opponents methodically.

Game Modes Galore

Fire Pro Wrestling 2 offers a diverse range of game modes. “Ironman Road” presents a ladder tournament with escalating challenges, unlocking defeated opponents for future matches.

The “Exhibition Match” mode permits custom matches for up to four players, each with extensive settings. The intricate “Edit Mode” lets players create personalized wrestlers, with a vast array of options for true enthusiasts.

Visuals and Auditory Aspects

Animation Brilliance

While the game may lack in static graphics, the animation quality is exceptional. Over 1,200 moves are meticulously animated, showcasing the dedication to delivering a visually engaging experience. Despite the simplicity of the characters, the fluidity of movements adds a layer of appreciation.

Audio Quirks

Fire Pro Wrestling 2, unfortunately, falls short in the audio department. The music, characterized by its poor content and quality, lacks stereo separation and becomes a chaotic backdrop during fights. This discrepancy in audio quality remains a notable flaw in an otherwise outstanding title.

Endless Possibilities

Fire Pro Wrestling 2 overwhelms players with a plethora of activities, ensuring that boredom is kept at bay. Completing the “Ironman Road” unlocks a captivating 10-person battle royal game. The game’s multiplayer capabilities, allowing up to four connected GBAs for tag team matches, enhance its replayability.


In the realm of handheld wrestling games, Fire Pro Wrestling 2 emerges as a champion, offering unparalleled depth, customization, and gameplay intricacies. While its visual and auditory aspects may falter, the sheer magnitude of features ensures a lasting and enjoyable experience.

Step into the ring, where every move tells a story, and become a legend in Fire Pro Wrestling 2!

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Play Fire Pro Wrestling 2 Online Anywhere, Anytime!

Fire Pro Wrestling 2 isn’t confined to a single platform—it transcends boundaries. Whether on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet, this enthralling wrestling experience is accessible anywhere, ensuring that the excitement of the ring is always within reach.

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How many wrestlers can I create in Edit Mode?

Edit Mode allows the creation of up to 77 personalized wrestlers, each with unique characteristics.

Can I play tag team matches with friends?

Absolutely! Fire Pro Wrestling 2 supports multiplayer, enabling tag team matches with up to four connected GBAs.

What makes Ironman Road mode challenging?

Ironman Road is a ladder tournament with escalating difficulty. Stamina carries over between matches, presenting a continuous challenge.

Are there different fighting styles to choose from?

Yes, the game offers over 10 fighting styles, allowing players to customize their wrestlers combat techniques.

Can I watch the computer play matches in Exhibition Mode?

Certainly! In Exhibition Mode, you have the option to let the computer control the match, providing a spectator experience.