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Welcome to the amazing world of Fury of the Furries, a puzzle-platform game developed by Kalisto and published by Mindscape.


A Planet in Peril

The story unfolds as a group of Tinies returns to their home planet after a space voyage, only to discover a nightmarish transformation. The once-beautiful planet has been twisted into a grotesque landscape by a malevolent entity known as The Wicked One.

This dark Tiny, with a menacing giant fang, has captured the king and turned all the Tinies into mindless monsters using a mysterious device simply referred to as “the machine.”

The Epic Journey

As a player, you assume the role of a Tiny determined to defeat The Wicked One and restore the planet’s beauty. Your quest takes you across eight distinct regions, each with its own unique music, color palette, and style. From the scorching Desert to the tranquil Lagoon, from the mysterious Pyramids to the industrious Factory, you’ll navigate a world brimming with surprises.

Each region boasts ten challenging levels, and hidden within are secret bonus levels that promise even greater rewards. Your ultimate destination is the foreboding Castle, where you must confront and conquer The Wicked One.

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The Unique Abilities of Tiny

Fury of the Furries introduces a groundbreaking gameplay element: the ability for Tiny to transform into four different formsβ€”yellow, green, red, and blue. Each form bestows distinct powers crucial for overcoming various obstacles and challenges. Notably, not all forms are available in all levels, adding an extra layer of strategy to the game.

  • Yellow Form: Controls the element of fire, enabling the shooting of fireballs.
  • Red Form: Commands the element of earth, capable of eating through certain scenery elements.
  • Green Form: Master of the element of air, produces ropes from its hands for swinging and object manipulation.
  • Blue Form: Dominates the element of water, allowing underwater exploration and the release of damaging bubbles.

A Lemmings-Style Puzzle Challenge

In Fury of the Furries, you’ll find echoes of the classic Lemmings-style puzzle game. Your arsenal consists of four Furries, each with its unique talent. However, mastering their abilities is key to progressing through the levels. Your Furries can walk, run, push objects, and interact with the environment, but their distinctive skills set them apart.

The yellow Furry can throw fireballs, the blue Furry can swim underwater, the green Furry can swing from ropes and manipulate objects, and the red Furry can chew through rock. To succeed, you must utilize all four Furries strategically.

Transform, conquer, and unravel the secrets of Fury of the Furries!


Fury of the Furries offers a delightful blend of puzzle-solving, platforming, and transformational challenges. With its charming graphics and captivating gameplay, it’s a journey worth embarking upon.

However, beware of its unforgiving inertia system and the need for precise timing in transformations.

Play Fury of the Furries Online

Whether you’re at home or on the go, Fury of the Furries is ready to entertain you. This adventure is available for play on both web browsers and mobile devices!

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What is the storyline of Fury of the Furries, and what is the player's mission in the game?

Fury of the Furries revolves around a group of Tinies returning to their home planet, only to find it transformed by The Wicked One. The player’s mission is to control a Tiny and defeat The Wicked One, who has captured the king and turned the Tinies into mindless monsters using “the machine.”

What are the unique abilities of Tiny in Fury of the Furries, and how do they impact gameplay?

Tiny has the ability to transform into four forms: yellow, green, red, and blue. Each form grants specific powers crucial for overcoming obstacles and challenges. These transformations add depth and strategy to the game, as not all forms are available in every level.

What challenges and regions can players expect in Fury of the Furries?

Fury of the Furries features eight diverse regions, including Desert, Lagoon, Forest, Pyramids, Mountains, Factory, Village, and the Castle. Each region presents ten levels and secret bonus levels, with unique music, color schemes, and styles. Players will encounter various perils like monsters, spikes, and acid.

How does Fury of the Furries compare to Lemmings-style puzzle games, and what are the primary gameplay mechanics?

Fury of the Furries shares similarities with Lemmings-style puzzle games, offering challenging puzzles and platforming. Players control a team of Furries, each with distinct abilities. Mastering these abilities is crucial for progressing through the levels, which require precise timing and strategy.

Are there any challenges or frustrations in Fury of the Furries that players should be aware of?

Fury of the Furries presents some challenges, including an inertia system that can lead to unexpected movements. The transformation process can also be a bit cumbersome, potentially leading to accidental transformations. Players should be prepared for a demanding and sometimes unforgiving gaming experience.