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Lode Runner: The Legend Returns

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Looking for entertainment during long evenings, boring meetings, or train rides? Look no further than the classic game Lode Runner: The Legend Returns.

Game Overview

Lode Runner: The Legend Returns (TLR) is a modern rendition of the classic game from the 1980s, adapted for Palm handheld computers. Developed by Aaron Ardiri for Pocket Express Inc. with the official license from Human Code Interactive, the creators of the original Lode Runner, this game brings back the nostalgic charm with added features.

In TLR, players take on the role of Jake Peril, a daring treasure hunter collecting gold and avoiding enemies in a series of well-designed levels. Each level requires logical thinking and strategic planning, and the ability to dig holes plays a crucial role in outwitting adversaries.

The goal is to gather all the gold pieces and find the exit to advance to the next level. However, players need to be cautious, as losing all lives means starting over from the beginning.

Gameplay and Features

The game’s controls are well-implemented, offering options to navigate using the stylus or buttons. However, using buttons may provide more precise control over Jake’s movements. Customizable key bindings and sound settings add to the overall gaming experience.

Players can enjoy the 150 original levels, and additional levels can be downloaded from the internet or created using the built-in level editor. The level editor is user-friendly and provides various possibilities for designing custom levels.


Lode Runner: The Legend Returns is an impressive game with its captivating graphics, smooth gameplay, and a wide array of built-in levels. While its price might be slightly higher, the game’s quality justifies the investment. Beware, though – Lode Runner: The Legend Returns can be highly addictive!

Play Lode Runner: The Legend Returns Online

For those who wish to experience the excitement of Lode Runner: The Legend Returns, it is available to play online directly in your web browser on our website. Relive the challenges and fun of this classic puzzle-solving adventure!

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How many levels are there in Lode Runner: The Legend Returns?

The game features 150 levels, divided into 10 worlds with various themes.

Can I create my own levels in Lode Runner: The Legend Returns?

Yes, the game provides a level editor that allows players to create and share their custom levels.

What makes Lode Runner: The Legend Returns different from the original Lode Runner?

Lode Runner: The Legend Returns offers improved graphics, a revamped level editor, and new gameplay elements, such as bombs and paralyzing sprays.

What are the enemies in Lode Runner: The Legend Returns?

The enemies are creatures wearing red coats, and players must outmaneuver them while collecting gold.

Is Lode Runner: The Legend Returns a challenging game?

Yes, while it’s not overly demanding, the game’s logical puzzles and level designs provide hours of entertainment and engagement.