The Games: Summer Challenge

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The Games: Summer Challenge edition includes 8 events from athletics to cycling.

The Games: Summer Challenge builds upon the success of its predecessor, Winter Challenge, offering players a chance to experience the Summer Olympics.

Similar to the Winter edition, this game features a lineup of eight diverse events, each designed to test your skills, timing, and technique.

Whether you’re competing against computer-controlled opponents or challenging your friends in multiplayer mode, Summer Challenge promises hours of fun and excitement.


Variety of Events

Summer Challenge lets you immerse yourself in eight thrilling events that capture the essence of the Summer Olympics. These events include:


Navigate a downhill stream, maneuvering through gates without missing or touching them. Precision and speed are your allies in this event.


Test your aim and concentration as you aim for targets with three arrows. Master the erratic crosshair movement to hit your mark.

400m Hurdles

Complete a full lap on the track, setting the pace and timing your jumps. Mistimed jumps can cost you valuable seconds.

High Jump and Pole Vault

In these events, set the bar height, build up speed by mashing the power button, and time your jump perfectly. How high can you go?


Steer your horse through a technical course, navigating hurdles and walls. Keep your horse on track, or face time penalties.


Launch the javelin as far as possible in three attempts. Build speed and time your release to achieve the best angle.


Race in the velodrome, aiming to complete laps while staying close to the inner edge without falling. Speed and control are your allies in this event.

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Multiplayer Mode

Compete with up to 10 friends in the tournament or face off against computer-controlled opponents.

Multiplayer mode adds an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Graphics and Gameplay

Summer Challenge maintains the same visual style as its predecessor, featuring polygonal environments with bitmap athletes. The game offers various modes, allowing players to train or participate in tournaments.

With three computer difficulty levels and a choice of 16 nations, there’s plenty of replay value.

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The Games: Summer Challenge is a worthy sequel that brings the spirit of the Summer Olympics to your screen. While some events may seem easier and more repetitive than those in Winter Challenge, the game remains an enjoyable experience, especially when played in multiplayer mode.

If you’re a fan of the Winter Challenge or the Epyx sports series, Summer Challenge comes highly recommended.

Play The Games: Summer Challenge online

Now you can play Summer Challenge online, in a web browser!

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Is The Games: Summer Challenge officially licensed by the Summer Olympics?

Similar to its predecessor, this game is not officially endorsed by Olympic organizations. However, it faithfully captures the essence of the Summer Olympics.

How many players can participate in multiplayer mode?

The game allows for up to 10 players to compete against each other in the tournament or face computer-controlled opponents.

Which event in Summer Challenge requires the most precision?

Events like Archery and Javelin demand precise aim and timing, making them a test of your hand-eye coordination.

Can I play Summer Challenge online with friends?

Unfortunately, Summer Challenge does not support online multiplayer. You can enjoy multiplayer mode locally with friends.

Are there any other games similar to The Games: Summer Challenge?

For fans of the Summer Olympics, this game stands as a unique offering. However, if you enjoyed “Winter Challenge,” you’ll likely find this sequel equally entertaining.