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The Terminator: SkyNET, known as The Terminator: Skynet in Europe, is an enthralling computer game deeply rooted in the Terminator media franchise.

Developed as an expansion to its predecessor, The Terminator: Future Shock, it eventually emerged as a standalone masterpiece.

A Gaming Evolution

Released to critical acclaim, The Terminator: SkyNET distinguished itself through its cutting-edge high-resolution graphics, setting new standards for its time.

Bethesda, the brains behind this creation, astutely included a multiplayer mode, a stark departure from its predecessor, which contributed to the game’s favorable reviews.

Immersive Gameplay

SkyNET invites players to immerse themselves in a gripping first-person perspective. With a total of eight challenging levels, players must navigate through a series of objectives, all while combating relentless enemy Terminators.

Armed with a wide array of firearms and grenades, players need to employ their strategic skills to advance through the game. The harsh terrain presents an additional layer of complexity, with radiation-laden zones posing threats to the player’s character.

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Three modes of navigation are available: ‘on foot,’ in a jeep equipped with a mounted cannon, or aboard an HK fighter, a modified Terminator robot capable of flight. Each mission begins with a full-motion video cutscene to provide players with a comprehensive briefing.

SkyNET introduces a deathmatch mode, allowing players to engage in fierce battles on various maps, assuming the roles of either humans or Terminators. Humans boast speed and stealth but are relatively fragile, restricted to lightweight weaponry.

n contrast, Terminators are slower and emit loud hydraulic noises when in motion, yet they exhibit remarkable resilience to damage and can wield heavy armaments.

Players can customize numerous game parameters, including time limits and the time of day.

A Riveting Single-Player Campaign

In the single-player narrative, players undertake a critical mission to prevent the machines from launching a recovered nuclear weapon. This compelling story unfolds across seven missions, each comprising distinct sections and levels. As the game progresses, players experience the transition from night to daylight.

The game’s locations exhibit increased diversity and interactivity compared to its predecessor. Examples include the basement of the Cyberdyne building and the suspenseful setting of a sinking nuclear submarine. Familiar features such as driving and flying levels return from Future Shock, complemented by mission briefings presented entirely in full-motion video.

Interestingly, SkyNET serves as a prequel to “Future Shock,” with the most advanced technology and player weapons from the latter not making an appearance during the single-player missions.

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Thrilling Multiplayer Battles

The multiplayer mode accommodates up to eight players over a LAN and two over IPX. Maps in the multiplayer mode are faithful recreations of sections or concepts from the single-player campaign. These range from cityscapes to shattered freeways and open valleys, available to be played at dawn or dusk.

Most levels feature vehicles, which players can freely enter and exit. Moreover, players have the option to assume the role of a Terminator, characterized by reduced movement speed, heightened toughness, and the classic red-tinted vision with informative overlays.

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Play The Terminator: SkyNET online

You can play The Terminator: SkyNET online, in a web browser!

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What sets SkyNET apart from other Terminator games?

SkyNET stands out with its advanced graphics, immersive gameplay, and the addition of a thrilling multiplayer mode, making it a unique entry in the Terminator gaming universe.

How challenging is the game's terrain?

The terrain in SkyNET presents a formidable challenge, with radiation zones that can be lethal to your character. Navigating this perilous landscape is a key aspect of the game.

What are the key differences between human and Terminator characters in multiplayer mode?

Human characters in multiplayer are faster and more agile but are vulnerable, while Terminators are slower, tougher, and have unique vision capabilities. The choice between the two adds depth to the gameplay.

How does SkyNET fit into the Terminator storyline?

SkyNET acts as a prequel to The Terminator: Future Shock, providing players with a fresh perspective on the Terminator narrative.