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Katapult is an action-packed game catering to one to four players, each taking the helm of these medieval war machines.

Stepping into a bustling pub can be an adventure fraught with danger, especially when heated disputes are no longer settled with mere fisticuffs.

In these lively establishments, patrons convene with a singular purpose—to construct instruments of ultimate destruction, the DIY marvels known as catapults.

Your mission is clear: annihilate all adversaries and lay claim to new territories and the spoils of nature. To achieve this, you must amass formidable armaments. Throughout the game, you’ll accumulate wealth, which serves as the lifeblood for acquiring a diverse array of enhancements, including shields and weaponry.

Embrace the Chaos

This Czech action game finds its kinship with the likes of the Worms series and classic artillery games such as Scorched Earth. However, it carves its distinct niche with a top-down perspective, condensing each battlefield to fit within a single screen.

Players take command of their catapults, and when multiple players engage, there can be two to four of these colossal machines vying for supremacy. In the absence of human players, the computer assumes control of any remaining catapults.

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Navigating these mechanical behemoths, players maneuver, evade obstacles, gather power-up crates, and ruthlessly dismantle their adversaries until only one remains standing.

Triumph over your opponents, and you’ll reap monetary rewards, which can be judiciously spent on expanding your arsenal, securing ammunition, or bolstering your defenses.

Forge Your Battlefield

For those with a penchant for creativity, Katapult features a map editor that empowers you to craft custom battlegrounds, adding an extra layer of strategy and personalization to the chaos.

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Play Katapult online

Now you can play Katapult online, in a web browser!

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What genre does Katapult belong to?

Katapult is an action-packed game with a top-down perspective, akin to classics like Scorched Earth and the Worms series.

How many players can participate in Katapult?

The game accommodates one to four players. In the absence of human players, the computer takes control of the remaining catapults.

How do players acquire enhancements and weaponry in Katapult?

Players amass wealth during the game, which can be used to purchase a variety of enhancements, including shields, weapons, and armor.

Can I create custom battlegrounds in Katapult?

Certainly! Katapult includes a map editor, allowing you to fashion unique battlefields to test your strategic prowess.